HEROES Season 4, Episode 3 - "Ink" - Sept 28, 2009

"Ink" is the third episode of the fourth season of the NBC science Fiction drama series Heroes and sixty-second episode overall. The episode aired in the US on September 28, 2009.



Gretchen tries to get Claire to let her in so they can talk. Claire doesn't respond.

Matt prepares to go to work and picks up his 30-day sobriety chip. He sees Sylar out of the corner of his eye. He turns but Sylar has disappeared.

In his apartment, Peter is putting up another article on his board of people he's saved.

At the Sullivan Brothers Carnival, Samuel is preparing a special bottle of ink and tells Lydia that he's found someone to fill Joseph's attention. He puts on a good suit while talking about his family and how he was raised to be prim and proper until he learned how to use his power to manipulate the earth. Lydia helps him with his tie and says he doesn't have to leave, but Samuel insists it's his responsibility. Since Joseph has died, Samuel has felt directionless without his compass. Now he has to determine if his new candidate deserves to be with them. He absorbs the mineral ink into his body and Lydia asks if he might go home. Samuel assures her that he left that life and isn't going back.

Peter is preparing for work when a process server arrives to give him a summons.

A woman, Emma, wakes up in the morning thanks to her vibrational alarm clock and prepares for work. She puts a hearing aid in, takes care of her cat, and prepares to leave. However, she hears water dripping on a spoon across the room and goes over and smiles. She turns off the water.

In Long Beach, Matt and his partner are watching a suspect's house while waiting for a warrant. Matt's partner assures him everything will be fine. Matt says he slipped and started using again. As his partner steps out to make a call, Sylar appears to Matt and insists that he doesn't want to be trapped in Matt's life. Sylar says all Matt has to let him go but Matt insists that he'll pay the price if he has to keep Sylar imprisoned in his mind, and that Sylar has no powers. Matt's partner gets back in and wants to know if Matt can hold it together. Matt crosses off the 30 on his 30-day chip and says it's a new first day. They break down the door and split up to search the house. Sylar appears wherever Matt looks, trying to distract him. Matt tries to ignore him and Sylar says the drug dealer is in the closet and has a gun. Matt jumps out of the way as the man opens fire, and then captures him as he comes out.

Claire gets another knock on her door. Noah arrives with housewarming presents. She admits she's having trouble adjusting and Noah invites her to lunch. Claire goes to brush her teeth and Gretchen comes in to ask if Claire is going to avoid her. Claire insists that she simply lay down on the sidewalk to test Gretchen's theory but Gretchen wonders if she's some kind of alien or government experiment. She follows Claire back to her room and Noah invites her to lunch over Claire's attempts to stop him.

Matt and his partner search the house for the drugs and Sylar taunts Matt to use his powers to read the suspect's mind and find out where the drugs are. Matt goes to search the bathroom and finds Sylar there. Sylar tries to advise him about where to search, noting that something doesn't fit. Matt looks around and notices a stuffed rabbit by the toilet. Matt examines it as Sylar explains the house isn't used for drugs, but something much worse.

Peter arrives at the hospital and asks for a report from Emma. As he signs the papers, he complains about how he's being sued by one of the people he helped. As she wheels across the room, Peter notices that her headphones are unplugged. He asks who she's listening to and she realizes that he's talking to her. She knocks over her coffee cup and there's a flare of energy. He helps her pick the pieces up and takes his report. He goes to the room with the person who sued him and finds Samuel there, using the alias "William Hooper." Peter doesn't recognize him but Samuel insists he was on the bus and dislocated his arm. Samuel explains that he's in town because of his brother Joseph and there are a lot of loose ends to take care of. He explains he can't take care of his family while he's injured. When Peter starts to leave, Samuel suggests he's spread so thin that he forgot but Peter insists he isn't.

Emma meets with a doctor at the hospital and says she's been seeing lights. The doctor notes she might be suffering from a crossover of senses, and Emma is possibly seeing sounds as colors. The doctor warns that she's disengaged from her work but Emma prefers the quiet. She also prefers not to see the faces of anyone who pities her.

Noah takes Gretchen and Claire to an Indian restaurant. As he turns away, Gretchen asks Claire what to do if she doesn't like the food. Claire shows her how to do the napkin trick to hide the food and Gretchen comments she's good at hiding things. Noah asks what Gretchen is studying and she says she's going to start studying human biology. She talks about the case of a girl who can't feel pain. Noah begins to realize something is going on and Gretchen asks if Claire wants to take a course with her. Claire says she doesn't have to declare until her third year but Gretchen warns that something things are inevitable. Gretchen asks him what he does and Noah says he's retired, but is finding new reasons to go back to work.

Matt's partner goes to check the garage while Matt watches the suspect. Matt then asks Sylar what's going on and Sylar notes that Matt is desperate for love. Matt starts screaming at Sylar, confusing the suspect. Matt searches the place and finds a packing knife and a magazine with missing letters. Finally he finds a ransom note and Sylar asks what he's going to do next.

Gretchen admits the food is good and leaves for the bathroom. Once she's gone, Noah wonders why Claire told Gretchen about his abilities. He says he's going to call the Haitian to erase her memory, but Claire says she doesn't need him to handle her battles. He asks what her plan is and Claire doesn't have anything. However, she threatens not to talk to him again if he calls in the Haitian. Gretchen returns and the Bennets both smile.

Matt shows the suspect the ransom note and demands answers. Under Sylar's prodding, Matt uses his telepathy and discovers the girl is under the stairs, dead. He goes back and starts beating the suspect, and Matt's partner comes in and wonders what he's doing. He goes to look under the stairs but there's nothing there. Matt realizes that the magazine and the ransom note were more of Sylar's mind games. Sylar explains that he used his own power against him.

Peter is working when Hesam comes in and asks if he's being sued. He informs Peter that Hooper was one of the victims according to the log, and notes that some people are claiming that Peter is setting up the accidents to boost his career. Peter wonders if Hesam thinks that way and his partner notes that he's just the chauffeur and Peter is always there first.

Samuel breaks into Peter's apartment and finds the board with the clippings. He tampers with one of the photos, projecting ink into it to make it appear he was there. Samuel hides and Peter comes in and looks at the newspaper article, and sees Samuel in the photo from the accident.

As Claire goes back to her room, Gretchen apologizes for pushing too hard and explains that when she was in junior high, the girls used to tease her because she was bulimic. As Gretchen leaves, Claire admit she wants to trust her but her life has been a series of disasters. However, she doesn't want to keep the secret to herself any more. She tells Gretchen to ask her anything.

Peter finds Samuel in the park and apologizes to him for injuring him during the bus. He insists on making it right but Samuel says he doesn't need to concern himself. When Peter persists, Samuel asks if he's lost a brother. Peter says he's worked in hospice to help families and Samuel explains that he doesn't want to go home and remember memories of the good times with his brother. Peter counsels him on grief, noting that no one can truly understand someone else's loss of a family member. Peter explains that he became a paramedic to save lives. Samuel shakes his hand and says Peter is exactly who he thought he would be, and says he'll drop the lawsuit. Peter suggests Samuel visit his home and Samuel agrees.

As Samuel goes, he walks past Emma, eating her supper. She notices a cellist playing nearby and sees the sound as glowing red energy. When the cellist leaves, she goes over to touch the cello. When she plucks at a string, she sees more lights. She starts playing and generating a light show that only she can see. Despite never having played, she follows the light cues and performs beautifully as everyone in the park looks on, including Peter. He smiles at her as she realizes what she's done, hands the bow to the cellist, and runs off.

Emma sees sounds and musical notes as beautiful lights.Samuel goes to an expensive home and talks to the hostess. He explains that his father was the butler and his mother was the maid, and he wanted to take a look at the carriage house where they lived. The woman tells him it's not a good time and goes back inside.

Claire explains her power and how she can't get drunk. Gretchen asks if she can see her heal and Claire obliges, giving her a pair of scissors and offering Gretchen her hand. Gretchen cuts her hand and Claire screams, and then admits she's just kidding. They watch as the wound heals. The phone rings and Claire takes it in the next room. She tells Noah that she told Gretchen everything and that she won't cut herself off from others with lies. Noah apologizes for being harsh and explains he instinctively tries to protect her, but realizes he can't do it that way any more. He promises he'll always be there for her and he'll let her handle her problems while he worries about himself. As Claire goes back, Gretchen asks if she can borrow a book and Claire says she doesn't have to. She invites her to move in as her roommate.

Matt's partner tries to figure out a way to get out of the situation but says there's no way out and Matt had better get a lawyer. Matt admits it'll ruin his life and then gives his partner the 30-day chip. He concentrates and telepathically tells him to forget everything. Sylar congratulates Matt, saying he's proud of him and either Matt helps him find his body or he'll continue.

Peter and Hesam arrive are called to the manor that Samuel visited. The entire house dropped into a sinkhole. Samuel is watching from the shadows and notices Peter. He concentrates and a tattoo of a compass appears on Peter's arm, spinning. Samuel smiles in triumph.