Hey everyone

Hey all,

Name is Magius Paulus. It is actually a wrong nickname and as a matter of introduction, let me tell you how this came to happen:

When i was somewhat younger, i was reading lots of fantasy. One of my favorite books of that time was 'The Soulforge' which was part the Dragonlance novels. It was at that time that i really developped an internet presence and thus needed a nickname. I wanted to have it sound a bit latin, as i was very into Roman history at that time as well. A big moment in the novel was that Raistlin (the protoganist of that novel) had to spell 'I, Magius' right. So, as a fantasy and roman lover i choose 'Magius' (fantasy) and 'Paulus' (my roman name). Later, it appeared the correct word was actually 'Magus' and i made a stupid spelling mistake. However, then i had already a mail adress and lots of forums using this nick.

Anyway, i'm mostly into Sci-Fi these times. I used to read lots of Battletech novels only, but i started to read Cyberpunk as well. Now i try to broaden the scope to other Sci-Fi titles.

Guess that's it for now, hope you're still awake :P