Hey Hey!

Hey hey, Im William Thorne! I am 15, and live in Australia. I got here from a link provided by Dani 22 01 1979, whom I met on Project: Alias. I've been addicted to Alias for about 3 months now, and I got sucked in by a friend! I own the first three seasons on DVD which I watch constantly.
Well thants about it. Thanks for reading! :lol:

Dani 22 01 1979

I < My J2 Boys
Hey Will :welcome: to AA.

We all pretty friendly on here and you know Nattie/Kakan/Elle and Im sure you will get to know others in no time.

Have fun posting :smiley: ;) :blush:
Hey Will! 👋 Welcome to AA!

I got sucked into Alias by a friend too. She made me sit down with her one day and watch the first episode from the first season, and I was hooked! Now I'm more obsessed than her. She actually comes to me when she wants to know the latest updates on whats going on with Alias. I like the reversal of rolls on that one. :smiley:

Anyway, enjoy posting!