Hey! I'm new!


Seeing A Ghost
Nov 22, 2002
Sean said:
Hi! I'm new. :D

I was wondering when will we know what happened to Syd?
The only way to officially and legally know is to wait until September. Probably the 21st or 28th. ;)
Feb 26, 2003
East Coast
UndercoverMichaelLover said:
I see in lots of sigs that there are lots of clubs! I assume they are a great way to make friends so how do i join them!?!?

You just click on them and come visit. :Points to sig: I think I've got the biggest collection LOL. YOu can click on them and come visit us if you want. Some are in the members lounge, as Betha said, but some are in other places around the site. Come on by! Welcome! I'm Dani!

Luve ya,