Hey please take my sci-fi survey for uni! It'll take less than 2 minutes!


Hey guys! Great forum you've got here! Just hoping you guys could go and fill out a quiz on sci-fi web behviour here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/756FT8G
Sorry if you think this is spam, it's just for a group assignment I'm doing. It's anonymous and is really short. Thanks so much for taking part! :smiley: Feel free to ask me any questions! And if you could refer it on to anyone else interested in sci-fi that'd be fantastic!


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Okay, done it. Might want to split the films/shows/novels part up next time. Too much to fit in one box, the answers will be difficult to go through on your side of things since you'll have to google far too much without knowing what medium it is :smiley:

And that last question was a bit strange, made me think it was a survey prior to setting up another scifi orientated forum. Since we don't put any contact details in, it settled my mind though.


Thanks for doing it guys.
The films/shows/novels question was just for me to get an idea of what most people were watching and what people considered to be scifi. I actually did not get many participants in this survey so the results won't take long to analyse.
I'm not trying to set up an new forum, I would never endeavour to do that, it's a pilot research project on how genre-fiction or television fans use Web 2.0 and my group chose scifi to narrow our research criteria. The project's more about our methodology or research than about scifi =)