Hi All

Hi All

After a few posts I've decided to introduce myself. Better late than never:D.

I've been a Sci Fi fan since I can remember but I had never thought of joining a forum dedicated to Sci Fi. Now that I've found Cool Sci-Fi I feel that I'm home at last.


Wolfrunner, welcome!

So what's your preferred sci-fi medium (if you have one)? You'll find some of our community to be devout print book readers while others prefer films & movies or even gaming.
Thank you for the welcome.

My preferred Sci fi medium is basically all of them, series, films, books and games.
I'm a big fan of the Stargate series (all 3 of them), I also enjoyed the Firefly and Earth 2 series. I've read most of Asimov's sci fi collection and on an offbeat from the sci fi I really like Terry Pratchett's fantasy Discworld series. I could go on to films and games but it would get a bit boring.

Right now I'm trying to improve my writing skills so I can try and get down to some real writing. So far I've only written a few short stories but nothing good enough to publish.