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I have loved science fiction all my life, and I'm proud to say I never back down in showing my geekiness!

I love all things Scifi, and I have recently gotten into writing. If you all could take a look at it. I have posted my latest scifi short story on the writing section. Anyway I hope to be a regular member here, so here's to the future.

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Hi seejay!

365 tomorrows publishes short stories


Flash fiction is, in my opinion, the next frontier in writing. With the world moving along at a breakneck pace, fewer and fewer people have time to read longer works, which some would argue is leading to a decrease in overall reading. Not true. People read more now than they ever have before: the internet is made for reading. That's why I started 365tomorrows: to make fiction for the internet generation.
Definitions of flash-fiction vary depending on who you ask, and at 365, we've been a little loose with the term. However, it's time to set some standards in stone: here, flash fiction is a self-contained story under 600 words. We like science fiction in all its incarnations, from hard scifi to cyberpunk and beyond.
Legal breakdown: When your story is accepted, you're giving us first electronic publication rights and non-exclusive subsequent publication rights. This means that we get to be the first to publish your story, and then, after it's been put up on the website, we can stick it in a printed book or on a flyer or something of the sort, as long as we give you credit. We don't, however, own your story. After it goes up, you are free to sell it for millions of dollars or cut a movie deal without needing our approval, as long as the people who buy it know that they're buying it non-exclusively.
In order to avoid complications, we're only accepting work which you previously haven't sold or given away the rights to. That means your work must not have been published elsewhere, either in print or on the web.
We will let you know whether your story is accepted within 4 months of submission. If you haven't heard from us in that time, feel free to inquire by email. submissions [at] 365tomorrows.com
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