Hi everyone I'm new :)

Feb 4, 2006
I recently got into this show, and.....I love it. I love mystery and suspense. I love the interaction between Sydney and Vaughn. I'm sure I'm not the only Sydney Vaughn fan. I'm on season two, so please don't spoil me. The only spoils I read are for Smallville. :)
Jan 3, 2006
HI! I'm new too. I've just finished watching season 3, but I've been watching season 5 religiously as well, so I don't mind season 4 spoilers that much. I LOVE alias! my freshman guidance counselor turned me onto it, and I started watching season 5. I was hooked. So, I saved up and bought the S1, S2, and s3 DVD sets! can't wait to see what happens in the new epp this March!
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