TV Hi Guys and girls, im making a sci fi horror (space opera) series with Dolls !!!!!

I would like to know if it is ok to share it here with you. Im kind of new to this forum etiquete and in internet in general and i dont know how to avoid the idea of spam. I just want to share it because i love it and i think most horror sci fi lovers might like it too.
I live in a very small town in the midle of my country Portugal and its very hard to make this work almost alone and with minimum money( 2 digit, if you know what i mean). Im realy loving doing and it keeps me sane in this living hell.
Im doing it by myself and with the help of my 11 year old daughter (im 32 by the way) wich writes the amazing script with me and helps me with the animation when she is on vacation. We have lots of fun.
we build in cardbord and toys and shoot with telefone, in stopmotion and video.
I just want to know if it is ok to share it here and would be very glad if you guys consent it. I dont want to vibe or be a spamer.
Im posting every week in fridays and we have posted 6 episodes so far. We are going to post 20 till summer and if we get good reaction from you guys we will post 30 more till the end of the year making a total of 50 episodes of a totaly strange and bizarre experience in space!!!!
glad to find this forum its very fun and has nice content i hope my stuff fits in and with you guys. let me know if you have any questions i would be glad to answer.
Intergalatic Peace!
Hey britosmanel, congrats on the movie, not the owner of the forum but don't think he'll have a problem with you posting your work here :blush: