hi i am new in here

hi my name is Leah (Laya) and i am totally obsessed with Jennifer Garner and especially Aliasi love how smart she and that the show is so well written i have been reading the fanfic things and whoever is writing them are extremely talented and should write a book of things like that but umm does anyone know the season four premiere date? i havent heard anything about it yet so i was just wondering thank you[/FONT]


Same here. Love her on the fly problem solving skills. And no luck on the actual Season 4 air date. We just know it's in Jan. I'd love to get a firm date, that way I can start my count down clock on my desktop.


<span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'>Hi Leah :hi:, :welcome: to AA!!!

Hope you have a great time posting, hope to see you around!!

Luv Sabella xxx :daisy: