Hi i'm almozayaf

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hi my name is almozayaf 'nickman" :P
i love sci-fi from i was kid , i can say that it hard to get same good sci-fi in arabic :(

i can think of only three sch-fi writers in arab world (and i say that after lots of search)

you can see from my writing my English is so horribly :rolleyes: sorry

but there no single sci-fi community here :(

i like Dr.who, Star Trick (DS9,NG,V)

and the risen i'm here it was a show call "prophets of science fiction" about isaac asimov , and thy talk about science fiction magazine. ...

that blow my mind , i was imagine for years if there magazine for sci-fi stores, i even get few of theme from here and there .

for now that all i hope i didn't pother you (y)

Starbeast from Planet X

Benevolent Galaxy Being
Nice to meet you Almozayaf.

I'm a big science fiction fan too, I choose that theme above all else when I look for a movie to watch. I search and locate some wild, weird, but interesting science fiction, I like the really different movies, every thing from a low budget B-movie to a big expensive film.

Need any suggestions for certain types of science fictions films you may be looking for?

What are some of your favorite films? Any kind. Westerns, comedy, fantasy, action, sci-fi and so on.