Hi I'm new here and love sci-fi

Hi All,

I am working on a soft Sci-Fi comedy webseries called SIN that is coming your way very soon, we are in production process and we cannot wait to share it with people online via blip TV, facebook, myspace and youtube.

If you love Sci-Fi then you will love SIN webseries and it is coming onlne in few months. We have some production pics, if you like what you see, please keep reading :smiley:

Twitpic is the link for pics.

LOGLINE: A humanoid alien's mission to find her murderous father is frustrated when she saves a free-lance prostitute from a power-hungry global CEO subverting her from hunter to haunted.

STORY OUTLINE: Li and the adventures of the SIN is a hip, urban Sci-fi set 100 years into the future. In the wake of corporate control, when a humanoid alien named LI FLAME protects a freelance prostitute from a corrupt CEO of a large supermarket chain, her search for her father is jeopardized, she unites with a group of outcasts and sinners as they seek freedom and face constant challenges while they try to avoid capture and become part of the system; they’re forced to evade death and come up against religious extremist who have more power then ever.

If you like what you have read add us on twitter, facebook and myspace to keep updated and to have a sneak peak of the webseries with production pics, trailers, behind the scenes, etc.


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SIN FInkleflor Productions (sin.finkleflorproductions) on Myspace

Thank you,

SIN Team