hi, keith newbie, got a Neromencer question

Hi, I am Keith, a newbie here!! just finished Neuromencer, cyber punk is a defining genre in my life/teenage, and I wasn't exactly a book person, but I have new perspective, so picked up and read a super classic cyberpunk novel, the Neuromencer by William Gibson.

Ok, English suppose to be my second language, but I use it so often, not it has over taken my mother tongue, but still full of holes and flaws here and there. I must say, Neuromencer, for me was a tough try, cause at the very end, I only grasped 60 to 70 percent of it, may be less...., so for you nice English speaking folks, how many times have you read to understand this great book?? I am reading "Ready Player One" now, and its is much easy to absorb, so a bit confused, I guess.

Nice meeting you guys!!
I played the annoyingly frustrating game long before I read the book. In the end I guess I didn't appreciate the book much at all. It may be because so much had passed before me before I reached it. I missed the moment.