Hi, Sci Fi writer from the UK, saying hello

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Hi, I was inspired to start writing by the season one finale of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. More years ago than I care to remember :o

I've written 4 full length screenplays on spec and have the design concepts for a graphic novel. The artist I was talking to about creating it wanted 20K, fair enough but he wanted half up front so that ended there and then.

I've finally got round to publishing 4 stories on the Kindle and sales are steady but not going to buy me the Hollywood lifestyle anytime soon. :rolleyes:

Looking forward to getting to know you all and some lively discussions

Hi, and welcome!

Great to see many creative people joining. I'm a creative type myself :)

Half upfront is pretty standard for the industry; you could negotiate it in deliveries, though- say, in four distinct parts, so each is only 2.5k and then the "half" which was provided upfront would be a more acceptable 1.25k.

If you'd like, I could try to hook you up with an artist who accepts less upfront- I know some that do 30%. You can message me if you want and I can send some e-mails to see if they can do it. Not sure if they're good enough to hit the quality mark you want or not though.


Rise of The Lost - Author
I also write and have completed a novella, Rise of The Lost. It's only a 51,000 words but I'm working on the next one which should be a full scale novel (in that I'm planning for around 100k).

Ditto Kindle publishing, sales and Hollywood lifestyle :D

There's a chunk of 'Rise' on riseofthelost.com

Starbeast from Planet X

Benevolent Galaxy Being
Nice to meet you Tony.

Writers are always welcomed here. I also write, plus I illustrate, I hope to get my dreams flowing into the mainsteam too. Unfortunately I'm still struggling to find a job in this weird world we live in, but weird, is not a bad thing, it makes things less boring.


Hi Intentionalalien, thanks for the offer. I'm concentrating on the Kindle books at the moment. I'll check then whether there's enough interest to go on to proce the graphic novel.