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Hidden Mole

Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by Alias, May 26, 2003.

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    Dec 8, 2002
    This isn't an Alias story, and I didn't know where else to post it. Besides, I have quite a few fans here. Not to brag or anything. This is a spy thriller. And for those of you who have read my past Alias fics and my current ones, then you will really enjoy this. For the rest of you, just give it some time. I think you'll find that you'll like it. Posting chapters will be slow, since I am also writing Recall, which has chapters in demand. Now, I started this story a LONG time ago, and just recently picked it up again. It starts out slow, but it gets good around chapter 3. please read, please enjoy, and please let me know what you think.

    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Hidden Mole</span>

    Chapter 1: Recruited

    She twisted a strand of light orange hair around her finger as she stared up into nothing. Cold surounded her, cemmented in by the conncriet walls.
    She lay still in her bed, for the sixth month of the third year in the United States custody. Sometimes she regretted what she did, but most of the time she didn't. She was proud of it.
    She couldn't remember the sound of her voice, she couldn't remember what she looked like. Being alone for three and a half years did that to her.
    She stopped twisting her hair at hearing more than one pair of footsteps. Her steady gaze moved to the glass that shielded her from the world. A man unknown to her stopped and faced her. The security guard stood a few yards down the hall. She slowly slipped off her bed and approached the unknown man behind the glass. She glared at him, trying to intimidate him. She waited for him to speak.
    "Hello Miss Snyder." The man said. "I'm Alec Fletcher. I'm here to talk to you about your releasment."
    She smirked and shook her head. "I'm not being released."
    Fletcher smiled. "You are now." He pulled out a silencer. And before the guard could make a move for his radio or gun, the bullet hit him and he fell to the ground. Alec pulled out a device that she recognized as a descrambler. Once activated, the glass door opened. She stood there, staring. "What's goin on? Who are you?"
    Alec gently pulled her out of the small room. "All in time Miss Snyder. All in time."

    It brought back so many memories. The desks, the people, the phones, computers, the building. It was all so much like it. Stories tall, or stories low. Dark, noisy, busy. It brought her some comfort. But who was it? It couldn't have been any US agencies. None of them would break her out. Then who?
    Alec Fletcher led her through this building, leading her to an explination. She wanted to know. "You will know." He had said.
    She'd gotten her hair cut, showered, given normal cloths. She felt good, she felt alive. Like she was a known person, someone who existed.
    They stepped into a black elevator. Alec pressed a button marked with the number fourteen. The elevator began to move, down. Fourteen levels down, underground.
    "Where are we going?" She asked softly.
    Alec loooked at her with his honey-colored eyes. "To your answer." She met his eyes with hers. The elevator stopped, and Alec stepped out. She followed.
    This floor was not as busy. Fewer people, less desks. A little brighter, more organized. They reached a door, and it opened itself. Alec gestured her forward. She cautiously stepped in, looking around.
    A middle-aged man in a suit approached her. He held out his hand. "Alisha Snyder, welcome." She, Alisha, hesitantly reached out and took his hand. The first physical contact she's had in three years. "My name is Kevin Edison. Please, have a seat."
    Edison spun a big, black leather chair around. Alisha stood there, staring. A chair, soft, fluffly, comfortable. Sensation surged through her body as she sank into the chair. Edison smiled. "Feels good huh?"
    He walked around a long, black marble table. He stopped at the other end, across from Alisha. "I know you're wondering why you're here, Miss Snyder." Edison began. "We all did." Alisha eyed him carefully. Edison sat in his chair. "You're here because, I know all about you. Where you use to work, why you were put in the United States custody. I know it all." There was a momentary silence.
    Edison leaned forward in his chair. "We are all, just like you. Good, rejected, rogue. This is an agency of rogue agents Miss Snyder. We all use to be part of the US government. FBI, CIA, NSA, IMF, those sort of things. But we, for some reason, went rogue, or betrayed the US, and were caught." He tilted his head to one side slightly. "Like you."
    "So what is this?" Alisha asked. "The ARA? Agency of Rogue Spies?"
    Edison chuckled. "Slow down Snyder. Don't go too far ahead. Don't you want to know why you're here?" Alisha stayed quiet. "Whenever a mole, or a rogue agent is put into custody, we break 'em out. Introduce them to our agency, and send them in to other agencies undercover."
    "US agencies?" Snyder asked.
    Edison nodded. "Yes."
    Alisha's eyes narrowed. "Why?"
    "What every rogue or mole wants, power, control. But mainly, revenge." Edison explained.
    Alisha shook her head. "I'm not going back. Besides, they'll recognize me."
    "Of course it doesn't have to be the same agency." Edison assured. "Obviously you'll have to change your appearence and get an alias. Since the US government now knows you're loose."
    "So you want me to work for you." Snyder stated.
    "What if I don't want to?" Alisha challenged.
    Edison twirled his thumbs. "How could you not? It's exactly the same as it use to be. Gathering and selling the agencies technology and intel. But now you have more excitement." He leaned forward. "How could you not want revenge?" He stood up and slowly walked around the table. "You can get revenge on an agency by working undercover in another. They're all connected, all the US government." Edison stopped, standing right in front of her. "What do you say?"
    Alisha looked up at him. "Show me more."

    "You'll have to go through all the training again. Refresh your memory." Edison showed her the combat training arena. Two agents stood in the middle in fighting stances. "It wont take long. Probably only a couple days before you're back in shape." She followed him over to a tall, middle-aged women. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail and she gulped down some water. "This will be your instructor in combat training."
    The women held out her hand. "I'm Kelsey Wynd. Welcome to our organization."
    Alisha took Kelsey's hand. "Thanks."
    Edison continued on. Alisha looked back one last time at the two agents fighting. Edison walked on through more long hallways. They went through a series of doors until they came to a viewing window. Six or seven people were lined up, earmuffs on and pistols in their hands. A buzz echoed, and they fired off at the targets in front of them.
    "You will review the weapons." Edison said. "How they work, how to clean and hold them." He looked over at Alisha. "It will be quick."
    Alisha didn't take her eyes off the practicing agents. "What about all the rest?" Edison looked at her weird. "The techniques, lock picking, hiding, sneaking."
    "Yes, you'll go over that too." Edison promised. "I believe that you, Snyder, will be back to being an expert in a matter of two or three days. That is, if you're not already still an expert." Alisha faced him.
    "Let's go see how much I remember." Alisha sugested. Edison smiled.

    Kelsey Wynd blinked rapidly and gasped. A sharp pain jabbed the back of her head. The wind had been completely taken out of her. Alisha smiled down at Kelsey, her foot pinning her down. Kelsey coughed. "You're good."
    Alisha stepped back and offered a hand to Kelsey. Kelsey took it and stood up. "Sorry if I hurt you too bad." Alisha apologized.
    Kelsey shook her head and waved her hand. "Don't worry about it." She held a document out to Alisha. "This is your progress report. You know what to do with it."
    Nodding, Alisha took it. "Yeah, thanks."

    Edison slowly smiled as he flipped through the pages. He looked up at Alisha. "Well Snyder, according to Wynd, you've finished your reviewing."
    Alisha looked at him surprised. "Already? But it's only been a few days."
    "I told you before, that's all it would be." Edison took a breath. "You are a very experienced agent Snyder. Very. You never forget your training, no matter how long it's been, or how hard you try. All you have to do is get back into it, then you're how you use to be." He flipped the document shut. "You're ready for the feild."
    "Wait a minute." Alisha said, holding up her hand. "Before we do anything more, I want some information. You still haven't explained to me exactly what this place is."
    "I believe I have, Miss Snyder."
    "So let me see if this is right, this agency is an enemy of the United States. Everyone working here was once an agent for the government, but they are all rejects and rogue." Alisha kept her cold eyes on the man.
    Edison nodded. "That's correct."
    Alisha took a breath. "How, how big is it? I mean, how many branches are there?"
    "All of that will be explained to you by your case officer." The director told her.
    She narrowed her eyes. "My what?"
    "Your case officer. You could call it your handler."
    "I know what it is!" Snyder yelled at him.
    Edison nodded understandably. "Yes, of course you do. Don't worry Miss Snyder. This is not your past."
    Alisha sneered at him. "History has a way of repeating itself."
    He nodded. "True. But all you have to do, Miss Snyder, is stay professional. I don't think you'll have a problem with that. This agent is purely by the book."
    She glared at Edison. "I've heard that before."
    "Well, this time it's true." He took in a deep breath and pushed a slip of paper toward her. "These are the directions to your meeting place."

    Alisha took a deep breath as she slowly pulled the car to a stop. She hasn't driven in a long time. And to actually see the public again, it was, refreshing. She got out of her car and spotted her...handler. She slowly approached him, and when she reached him she gasped. "Fletcher? Alec Fletcher?"
    He nodded, slightly smiling. "Good to see you again Agent Snyder." He replied. "Please, get in the car."
    They both climbed in his car. Alisha looked around as Alec fumbled through his briefcase. "So what is this place?"
    "An abandoned parking garage." Alec replied. "It was used by drug dealers and the homeless. But now, it's ours."
    She looked away from him, memories flooding back. She bit her lip. "So, you're going to tell me about the..."
    "ARS." Alec finished. A document was in his lap. "Yes, in fact I am." He handed the folder to her. "Everything you need to know is in there. Oh, and I think you'll be happy to know, we got you a place to stay."
    She snapped her head in his direction. "A-a place to...stay? As in, a house?"
    He chuckled. "Yeah, a house."
    Her eyes glistened with excitement as she leaned closer to him. "Where-where is it?"
    Alec started up his car. "I'll take you there."

    Alisha stared in awe. "It's...big."
    Alec shrugged. "It's big enough. Want to go in?" He held up the key.
    She grabbed it from him and quickly made her way to the front foor. She stopped on the doorstep and reached out her hand to feel the door. "It's been so long." She said. She unlocked the door, slowly turned the handle and opened it. She slowly walked in.
    It was a nice place. Really nice. And big. Alisha explored the whole thing, it was already filled with furniture, dishes, towels and...cloths. She shook her head. "This is amaxzing." She looked at Alec. "Were you supose to bring me here?"
    He nodded. "Yes. LIke it?"
    She smiled. "I love it! I can't tell you what it's like to be back in civilazation again."
    "I know." Alec said quietly. Alisha looked at him, her smile slowly shrinking. He too was a rogue spy, so to speak. He must've gone through all this. He took a breath. "I sugest you go through that document, read it thoroughly." She nodded. "You know how to get to the agency?"
    Nodding, she answered. "Yes."
    "Good." He reached in his coat pocket and pulled out a cell phone. He held it out to her. "Welcome to the ARS, Agent Snyder."

    So....what did you guys think? After I post more of Recall, I'll put up chapter 2. Please let me know what you think!!! And you may think it should be in the General section, but it's not general. You'll see what I mean as time goes on.
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    Mar 12, 2003
    Two words, LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIINNNGGGGG!!!!!!! What are your othere fics though?
  3. Alias

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    Dec 8, 2002
    Well, I've also written ALIAS, Distant, Misunderstanding, Confessions, Sister Spy(My own version) and currently in the works, Recall.

    Thank you!! I'm so glad that you liked it!!! Tomorrow I am posting more of Recall, and so I plan on posting more of this tomorrow as well. That is if I finished my big history project that's due on Wednesday. If not, then more will be up on Wednesday.
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    Feb 26, 2003
    Ooooh. Intriguing.

  5. kate_jones

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    Apr 10, 2003
    Ooh, I like. Great job, Alias. It's kind of refreshing to read something non-alias.
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    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    This looks like it has potential... just don't make it too AU- first season Alias, otherwise that's just gonna be... well, copying the first season of Alias. But I have faith in you!

    ~Me :angel2:
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    Dec 8, 2002

    Oh ho!! Trust me, IT'S NOT!!! It's TOTALLY differen't. You may find a couple things here and there that are slightly similar, but that's just me not realizing that I did that. It gets better on chapter 3. and I can promise you that Alisha doesn't fall in love with Alec. Okay, well, here's chapter 2.

    Chapter 2: The Assignment

    Three branches. That was it, that was all there was. It wasn't much, pretty small actually. In a way, it disapointed her. She had hoped that she'd be working for a large agency. At first, it seemed large. She decided not to judge it's size. This agency, they were serious, she could tell. With lots of agents.
    The document contained so much information. She had spent the rest of the day into the late night compiling it all in her memory bank. There was so much to know, so much to learn. And she discovered, it was infact, a rather large organizaation.
    She had never pictured herself to be working for another angency. After the...incedent four years ago, she went rogue. Her mind filled with hate and revenge. For a year, then she was caught and thrown in federal jail, never to be released.
    Surely her friends and family thought she was dead. She found that she missed them, very much. And yet she'd never hear from them or see them again. And she'd never see-
    She choked. She wouldn't think about it. Of course, she wouldn't forget. That'd be terrible. But it hurt to think that she'd never see the one she mourned for. It's four years later and she remembered it like it was yesterday. It was engraved in her mind. And it haunted her, day and night. It was like her sould died when it happened. And her anger and thrist for revenge drove her to be a mole. Even though, it wasn't the agency's fault. But a single person, whom she had been tracking, until she was caught.
    But that thirst and anger still flared inside her. And she was still motivated to find this person. Maybe working for this new agency will help. She hoped anyway.
    The phone given to her by Alec rang on the nightstand next to her. It scared her, the high pitched ringing. She wasn't use to it. As soon as it rand she imedietly curled up into a ball. After about thirty seconds, she realizaed what it was. She took the phone Alec had given her and pressed the talk button. Slowly, she placed it against her ear. She hesitated before speaking. "Hello?"

    Her stride was swift and her expression determined. "What's going on?" She snapped at her handler.
    He turned to her, his face all buisness. "We're sending you on your first assignment."
    She arched an eyebrow. "My what?"
    Alec's expression hardened. "You heard me Snyder."
    "Why am I being sent on an assignment?" Alisha asked coldly. "I'm no rookie."
    He looked at her a little surprised. "You can't honestly expect us to put you undercover already."
    "Is that a problem?"
    "For you." Alec replied. "Because it won't happen just yet. Deal with it."
    Annoyed, she sighed. "So what is it? This assignment."
    He held a file out to her. "One of our agents recently died. We need you to go to the morgue, find his body, and snap some pictures."
    "Why do you want pictures?" She asked, her voice filled with attitude.
    "Because we want to know how he died." Alec replied with the same amount of attitude. "He was working undercover at the NSA, so we don't know how he died. The government has his body."
    Alisha studied the picture of the man in the file. "And just how do you expect me to get in to the morgue?"
    Her handler gave her a hard glare. "Agent Snyder, you worked for the CIA for five years, were rogue one year. I'm sure you can think of a way. We'll provide you with whatever you need."
    She looked up from the file, a plan already in her head. "I need a fake CIA badge and an alias. Also a partner." She glared at him. "Make sure it's not you." She turned on her heel and walked off.
    Alec watched her go, his eyes burning with fire. Handling this women was not going to be easy.

    The man carefully studied the ID card. He handed it back to the older man. "Too many agents are dying. This girl was so young too."
    "It was her choice to join the CIA." Replied the older man.
    The guard nodded. "True. Alright, we'll take her from here."
    The older man walked away, leaving behind the body bag on the cart. He gently touched his ear. "They're taking you in." He whispered.
    A second guard began to push the cart down the hall and around some corners. He pushed it into the morgue. "Just leave it." A third man said. "We'll deal with it later."
    The second man looked digusted. "It'll smell then!"
    The other rolled his eyes. "This entire place smells! Just leave it!" Giving in, the second guard shrugged his shoulders and followed his friend out of the room.
    Once the door was firmly closed, with a loud clanking echoing, the room fell silent. Then, the bodybag began to move. From the inside it was unzipped, and Alisha sat up. She quietly placed her feet on the ground. "I'm in." She reported softly.
    "Alright." Her partner's voice replied through her ear piece. "The ID number is 422."
    "422." She repeated quietly, searching frantically for the right case. She wanted to get out of here! It was cold and it smelled. And the thought that she might know one of these agents in here tickled her back.
    She stopped abruptly. "422, I found it." She opened the door and looked in. She wrinkled her nose as she pulled the body out on the rollout table. She peeled back the cover. Taking the camera from her pocket, she turned it on and quickly snapped some pictures. Then as fast as she could, she put the body away. "Task complete." She said.
    "Good job." Her partner said. "I'm waiting at the meeting point. Make it quick."
    "Copy." Alisha checked her cloths, decided she was good to go and carefully slipped out the door.

    "Here are your pictures." Alisha said, thrusting a manilla envelope out to her handler.
    Alec arched an eyebrow as he took it. Opening it carefully, he took out the pictures and looked through them. He looked up at her. "Good job."
    "Of course I did a good job." Snyder snapped. "I'm experienced! That's why I didn't want to do it."
    He put the envelope under his arm. "Well, it got you back into the mode of the field."
    "It was pointless." Alisha told him.
    Alec shrugged. "Think what you want Alisha. It still helped."
    Her eyes darkened, and she gave him her coldest glare. "Do not call me by my first name." She ordered firmly. "You are to adress me as Agent Snyder."
    Fletcher mirrored her glare. "Sorry, it slipped."
    "Don't let it happen again."
    "I can assure you Agent Snyder, it won't."
    "Good." She looked away from him as she crossed her arms. "When do I get my real assignment?"
    "I don't know." Alec Fletcher answered. "That's up to Edison."
    "Call me when he decides."
    "I will."
    "You better."
    He clamped his jaw down tight, his muscles tensing. Her attitude was getting on his nerves. Edison warned him of this, because of her past she acts like this. But she can stay professional without being a jerk all the time. He'd only be able to put up with it for so long.
    Alisha was now looking at him annoyed. He hadn't replied.
    "You know I will." He finally said. "But it'll take a while."
    "Whatever. Just let me know."

    She hated having another handler. She never pictured anyone else doing that, than her first. Everytime she saw Alec Fletcher, her past pulled on her anger. That's why she snapped and yelled, that's why she was a jerk to him. And also, if she didn't do that, she was afraid of what might happen.
    She dreaded going to see him for their meetings, even though they've only had a few. She hated it when he called her, though she knew it was part of his job.
    She squeezed her eyes shut. Why did this have to happen? Why did she have to have a young case officer? Why did she even need a handler? That was a stupid question but she asked herself anyway. Why couldn't she stay in federal custody? Why did her past have to be the way it is? Because she made it that way, that's why. It was her choice to join the CIA. A stupid choice.
    Walking into her house, she began to wonder if she'll be sent undercover to the CIA. It hurt to think about seeing everyone she knew so well agian, but acting as someone else. She prayed she would be sent somewhere else.
    She prayed her past wouldn't repeat itself.
    She prayed that things would play out differently.
    And she prayed to find the killer of the one who is the voice in her head, the face in her dreams, and the comfort for her tears.

    "How did it go Fletcher?"
    "She certainly has an attitude." Fletcher place the manilla envelope on the desk.
    Chuckling, Edison took it. "I told you. It's best she does that anyway."
    "I don't know how long I can take it." Alec replied.
    "You'll live." Edison went through the pictures. "She did well."
    "What did you expect?"
    Edison leaned back and folded his hands. "Nothing less. What do you think?"
    Fletcher answered. "I think she's ready."
    "Good." Edison pulled open a drawer, took out a manilla envelope and held it out to Alec. "You know what to do."
    Taking the package, Alec nodded. "It will be done."

    So what did you guys think??? I know the morgue thing was kind like alias, I tried to think of something else, but nothing came to mind. But I promise nothing like that will happen again. So, tell me, did you like? ;)
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    Los Angeles, CA
    Interesting... this is getting better. I wonder who died? o.O

    ~Me :angel2:
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    new york city (that's were i was born)
    wow. this story is great. i can't wait to see what happens next. love ya babe~amber~ :rolleyes:
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    Dec 8, 2002
    Thank you so much for giving this story a chance and reading you guys! I can't stress enough how much I appreciate it. Okay, things start to happen in this chapter. Hope you enjoy!!

    Chapter 3: Sent Under

    "What is this?" Snyder asked, eyeing the document as she took it.
    "It's your real assignment." Fletcher responded.
    Alisha just stared at him in momentary surprise, before hastily opening the file. Alec watched her as her eyes eagerly read the words. Then she stopped. "Fletcher..."
    "What?" He asked in a business tone.
    She looked at him, almost glaring. Her dark green eyes were filled with anger. "I won't go back to the CIA."
    Alec let out a sigh. "Alisha-" He stopped at her hard gaze. "Snyder, you have to. You don't have a choice."
    "What if I don't?"
    "Then we'll kill you."
    "Somehow I doubt that."
    He shook his head. "Don't. It's happened before. People refuse, and we take action."
    Alisha slapped the document shut and opened the car door. She put the file on the seat. "I'd rather die than go back there." When she said it, he could tell she was serious.
    Sighing, he stepped out of the car, watching her retreating form. "Your first handler, Ryan Thacker, was killed in the field, four years ago."
    Snyder stopped walking, Fletcher's words stabbing her. Swallowing, she turned on her heel to face the man who was her handler. "Shut up." She snapped coldly.
    But he didn't listen. Instead, he continued on. "This is your chance to find the killer, to get revenge. That is why you went rogue."
    She quickly walked over to him, clenching her teeth. "What the hell do you know about my past? Nothing!" She spat.
    Her handler kept a mild temper. "I know it all, Snyder. So does Edison." Her face softened with shock. "Why do you think we recruited you? Why we recruit anyone? We know what you want, and this is the perfect opportunity."
    Alisha kept her icy eyes locked on him. "I won't do it."
    Determined, Alec took a step toward her. "What's wrong with you? This is what you've wanted for years! It's the reason you betrayed the CIA in the first place! They wouldn't do anything about Thacker's death, so you took it into your own hands. Using what ever you could get from the CIA, turning rogue." He took a long breath, waiting for her reply.
    Her stare had mixed emotions, which Alec couldn't read. Her look was hard and somewhat bewildered. "Why do you care about what I do? About my past and my opportunities?"
    Alec raised his eyebrows. "I don't. It's my job to make sure you do yours." He shrugged. "Plus, if you do this, we'll benifet immensly."
    Understanding, she nodded. "To get me in there to steal information for you you bait me with revenge."
    Fletcher frowned. "Not quite."
    "Then what?" Alisha asked with a harsh tone.
    He let out a long breath. "Alright Snyder, look at it this way. This organization is based around getting revenge. That's what we all want, it's why we turned rogue before getting caught. So for every agent, there are two ways to getting revenge. One is getting intel from whatever agency and giving it to us, so we can bring them down. And two," Alec paused and licked his lips. Looking straight into her eyes he continued. "For the agent to get their own personal revenge. In your case, Thacker's killer."
    Alisha studied him in silence, digesting what she had heard. Over the past few minutes, her expression had softened to plain, blank. Normal. She looked up at Alec. "Alright, I'll do it." Her voice was not the usual angery tone, but normal.
    Alec was slightly surprised by her sudden change of attitude. But he quickly recovered and nodded. "Good. Then I sugest we get back in the car so taht I can explain your position to you."
    Once they were in the car, Fletcher handed Snyder a document. "Your alias is Alex Ross, twenty-four years of age, seven year collage degree. We'll give you your ID when we change your appearence."
    Snyder looked at her fingers. 'What about my finger prints? And retna?"
    He nodded. "Yes, we'll take care of that."
    She faced him with a look of doubt. "What about my DNA? How are you going to fix that?"
    Alec let out a little sigh. "Listen Snyder, we're professionals, we do this all the time." He turned his head to look at her. "We can handle it. There's no need to worry."
    Alisha stared at him momentarily before going back to reviewing the information in her lap. "Do I get to pick my own disguise?"
    "Yes, of course." Fletcher replied. "But it'll have to look pretty differen't."
    "Don't worry, I'm an expert at it." She said without looking at him.
    Alec just studied her. THen he looked in another direction. "You're cover is that you're a highly trainged agent from the NSA, transfering to the CIA. You've worked at the NSA for four years."
    He turned to her, giving her a hard look. His eyes bore into hers, making her shiver. "It's vital that you don't reveal anything about your real past. Make up whatever background you want, but nothing about your real past. Clear?"
    "Crystal." Snyder answered.
    Fletcher nodded, looking out the front window. "Good. You're to walk into the CIA tomorrow morning at eight-thirty. By then they'll be expecting you. You won't have to worry about a thing."
    Alisha nodded, she understood. "Okay."
    "One more thing." Her turned to her again. "You may encounter people that you know, or that know you. That's another reason it's critical you don't mention a thing of your real past." She swallowed and nodded. "You're also going to have to alter your personality. If you act the way you did in your past, they may recognize you. And you'll have to watch gestures they may identify as yours."
    Again, she nodded. "Okay. Anything else?"
    Alec turned the key and the engine started. "Yes. We need to make your new face."

    Alisha trembled and her eyes darted back and forth as she walked into the CIA. Her dark red hair with a touch of black bounced around her neck. Her now contact-covered black eyes scanned every face and the room. It was exactly the same.
    She would be working for the CIA again. Searching for her first handler's killer. But at the same time, helping the ARS bring down the CIA.
    She was now living under the name Alex Ross. A whole new life and personality. Alisha Snyder didn't exist, not here, not with these people. Not eve old aquantances. When, if, she saw them, they'd be reintroduced. She was Alex Ross.
    Taking off her sunglasses, she approached a women at a desk. The women looked up at her. "Hi, I'm Alex Ross." She handed the lady an ID and a pass. "Director Conners is expecting me."
    After studying the ID and pass, the lady handed them back to Alisha. "Yes of course. Follow me please." Taking one last glance around, Alisha followed the women. She was led to an elevator. Once they went up a few levels, the doors opened and they stepped out. Alisha became overwhelmed, seeing the familiar hallway, the offices. Still no familiar faces. She was still looking around when they reached a door, and the women knocked.
    Alisha's attention was snapped back into place when the door opened. A man with dark gray hair stepped out, looking curious. He looked directly at Alisha. She froze, chills running down her neck and goosebumps spreading over her arms. Hoping he didn't notice her expression, she regained her confadent composure. She knew this man, the director. When she was told what to say to the women at the desk, all Fletcher gave her was Director Conners. She didn't know that it would be Paul Conners. The man that was the director when she worked for the CIA as Alisha Snyder.
    "Sir, this is Alex Ross." The women reported. "She's the one who was transfered from the NSA."
    Paul Conners smiled, which was a new sight for Snyder. He held out his hand for Alisha to shake. "Ah yes, now I remember. Please Miss Ross, come on in."
    "Thank you." Alisha said in her disguise voice. She stepped past Conners into his office. Imedietly she glanced around. It looked no different.
    Conners closed his door and sat at his desk. "Please have a seat." Tossing her dark hair that didn't even touch her shoulders, Snyder sat in front of him. She didn't want to look at him, but she knew she had to. She had to get use to it all over again. "I can't tell you how much we need you Miss Ross." Conners said.
    She gave him an odd look. "Why's that?"
    Suddenly, he looked very serious. "You know of Alisha Snyder's escape from federal custody."
    Alisha swallowed and nodded. "Yes, of course I do."
    The director let out a heavy sigh. "She was our best agent. After her handler, Ryan Thacker was killed, she went behind our backs to get revenge. She never got it."
    Hearing that name made her want to cry. But she sucked it up. She looked hard at Conners. "I know the story Conners."
    Conners folded his hands and nodded. "Yes of course you do. Anyway, there's no doubt that she'll be causing problems. You'll be helping in the investigation to find her."
    She raised her eyebrows. "That's all?"
    "Oh no, there's more." He slid a picture over to her. "This man was a mole. Our information and equiptment leaks stopped the moment he died. The problem is, we have no idea who he was working for."
    She recognized him, all too well. It was the man that she had to take pictures of as her first assignment. This man was ARS. She looked up fromt he picture. "So you want me to help you with that too."
    "Yes. There will be a lot of traveling and missions that require a field agent with your talent." Conners explained. "But you won't be going freelance."
    Her attention skyrocketed. "I'm not?"
    He shook his head. "No, you'll have a partner. We haven't decided who yet, but we'll have that figured out by tomorrow morning."
    Snyder swallowed hard. "Okay, will that be all?"
    Conners stood up. "I think I should show you around."

    "How did it go?" Alec asked as she walked up.
    She gave him a cold stare. "They need my help in investigating my own disappearence. Not only that, but they also need help in finding out who our agent was working for."
    Fletcher looked confused. "What agent?"
    "The one I had to take pictures of!" Alisha snapped. "The one who died!"
    He let out a breath and rubbed his eyes. "Oh no."
    "Yeah, and not only that, but they're gving me a partner!" She was not happy. Her voice was harsh and loud.
    Alec stood still. "A partner."
    She curtly nodded. "Yes. And I won't know who it is until tomorrrow morning."
    "Alright look," Fletcher said firmly. "As soon as you can, call me and tell me everything you know about your partner." She nodded. "I'll go talk to Edison and figure out what to do about the assignments they gave you."
    "Does this happen often?"
    Fletcher leaned against his car. "Yeah it does. It always turns out okay, so don't worry about it."
    "It didn't turn out okay with the last agent." Alisha pointed out to him.
    He looked at her. "He didn't die from being compramised. He died in the field. THe CIA didn't even knkow he was a mole until he died."
    She pressed on, her attitude still rude and cocky. "But they knew about the leaks."
    Alec took a deep breath. "Agent Snyder, I've done this a lot. It will turn out fine. Trust me on this."
    "A vital thing I've learned, doing this job," Alisha said, making him look up at her. "Is not to trust anyone."
    "You trusted Thacker."
    She clenched her teeth. "That was differen't."
    "Why? Because you loved him?"
    "Because he earned it!" Snyder screamed.
    "Well if you won't trust me, then believe me." Fletcher tol her. "We'll get you help for this."

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    wow! that was great! i can't wiat for more! love ya babe~amber~ :D :trampoline:
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    wow.....i mean....wow! that was sooo good :D whenever i see snyder, i see sydney in my mind for some reason....i think i may a little crazy :blink:
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    LOL Well, Alisha Snyder definetly is not Sydney Bristow. Her attitude is completely different. Even in my mind, her looks are different. When I'm typing "Snyder" sometimes I accidentally type Sydney, because I've done so many Alias stories. I'm glad that you guys are liking this. I just wish more people would read. :( Oh well, at least I have you guys!! Thank you so much!! More up soon!!!
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    I LVOE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep writing! this is great!
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    and also.... if you start a list of pms, can you put me on it???THANKS!!!
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    Okee dokie, for those few who are actually reading this, and are still interested, here is another chapter. Thank you all for reading this, I really do appreciate it! Anyway, here it is. As usuall, enjoy and review!

    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Chapter 4: Mole's Partner</span>

    Alisha couldn't think straight. Her mind was a whir of questions. She had no idea how she was going to do her work with a partner. It would cause problems, even possibly blow her cover. She gripped the steering wheel with a tight grasp. She wouldn't let her identity be discovered, and she wouldn't let her position as a mole be uncovered either.
    As Snyder stepped out of her car, she prayed that her partner wouldn't be someone she knew. Someone she was close to when she worked here a few years ago. She wouldn't be able to handle it. A partner alone was bad enough.
    Taking a deep breath to stay calm, she entered the building. She had gotten plenty of attention yesterday. Still no sign of anyone she knew, yet. But she had a feeling that she would run into a familiar face all too soon. It was bad enough to have to see Paul Conners everyday all over again.
    Alisha knocked on Conners' office door. She sat uncomfortably in the busy hall as she waited. The door opened and the director greeted her. "Agent Ross, please, come in."
    Nodding, Snyder stepped in as Conners closed his door. Alisha stood in her tracks at seeing another person in the room. She assumed it was her partner. As she sat in a chair, she studied the man from the corner of her eye.
    He had dark brown hair that was short and slightly mussed. His jawbone was sharp and narrow, and his eyes were a rich honey color. But what really stood out, was a jagged scar on his right temple.
    Conners sat at his desk. "Now, down to business." He looked at Snyder. "Agent Ross, yesterday you were informed that you'd be getting a partner. This agent will be your parnter." Alisha flashed the man to be her partner a quick glance. "He's been working here for eight years. He's one of our top field agents, and he is highly experienced."
    Alisha turned her head slightly to see her partner. "Does this agent have a name?"
    The man turned to face her, he quickly looked her over. Then he held out his hand. "I'm Kyle Skelton. It's an honor to meet you."
    Shaking his hand, she curtly nodded. "Same to you. I'm assuming you already know my name."
    Her partner, Kyle Skelton, nodded. "I do."
    Conners cut in to continue. "You two will be working on finding out what happened to Alisha Snyder." Snyder's arms and neck prickled, but she stayed calm. "And you will be also working on who Howard Phelps was working for."
    Alisha frowned. "Howard Phelps?"
    "He's the agent who was a mole, and recently died." Kyle quickly explained.
    Then she knew who it was. It was the ARS agent. The one she had to find in the morgue. Howard Phelps.
    Snyder turned her attention back to Conners. "We're the only two agents working on this?"
    Conners nodded. "Yes. It's better that way." He stood as did Snyder and Skelton. "Agent Ross, Agent Skelton will show you what you'll need to know."
    She looked at Kyle. He raised his eyesbrows at her. She looked back to Conners. "Thank you." She stepped out into the hall, Kyle right behind her.
    Once she heard the door close, Alisha faced her partner. "So, what are we working with?" She asked, not completely business, but not all that friendly either.
    Skelton looked thoughtful. "Well, I think it would be a good idea to show you where your office it."
    Snyder nodded in agreement. "Sounds good."
    "Follow me."
    They didn't have to go very far. It was on the same level. Just a few corner turns away from Conner's office. They stopped at a door that already had Alisha's alias printed neatly across it. Alex Ross. Kyle opened the door for her and jestured for her to go on ahead in. Before walking in, she stole another glance at him.
    The CIA must have changed the style of their offices, because this was much better. The desk was a polished, black wood. The walls were a light grey, the chair were black leather, and the lights were better as well.
    Alisha nodded approvingly. "This is nice."
    "Wait until you see where we get to work." Kyle remarked. Excitement was slightly apparent in his voice.
    She arched an eyebrow. "Show me."

    Snyder was impressed with what they had to work with. It was definetly semi new, she ahd never seen any of it. The computers and technology were highly advanced and had lots of RAM. And the room its self was quite spacious. But they weren't the only ones in there. They had a seperate modual to work at, with two computers, a filing cabnet, two phones, and a printer.
    Alisha waited patiently, watching Skelton search through the filing cabnet. Finally he pulled out a document and sat next to her. He opened the file. "Okay, this is what we've got. Howard Phelps started working here three years ago. We didn't realize that we had a mole until two years ago."
    "What kind of information was he giving out?" Snyder asked curiously.
    Kyle let out a sigh. "Anything from out technology to assignments. Everything he could get his hands on."
    "And how did he die?"
    "On a mission in Europe." Kyle answered. "He was there freelance, so no one knows exactly how he died."
    Alisha remembered the purpose of her first assignment for the ARS. They wanted to know how he died. She should ask Fletcher about it. There was something else she wanted to ask him about as well.
    "What do we have on Snyder?" She asked nervously.
    Skelton sighed. "That's a whole other story." He opened another document. Snyder clamped her teeth together tight at seeing her picture. "Snyder worked here seven years before she was caught. Her handler was Ryan Thacker for six years before he was shot and killed by an unknown assailant." She swallowed hard and tried to keep from breaking. It was hard to hear his name. Kyle went on. "Thacker and Snyder started a relationship after four years of working together."
    "Which means they only had two years together." Alisha painfully pointed out.
    Her partner gave her an odd look. "Yeah. Now, after Thacker's death, Snyder began to search for revenge without the CIA's knowledge. She used the CIA's resources at her disposal to help her find Thacker's killer. She did it all secretly, selling, trading, using it for herself. That went on for a year, then she was caught."
    This was her chance to ask the question that had ragged at her for three and a half years. "One question. Why wasn't Snyder executed?"
    "Numerous reasons." Kyle responded. "Some of her friends who had high positions fought for her. Though they were completely crushed by Snyder's turn, but they didn't want her dead. But the main reason was that the government didn't know what to do with her."
    "So they just locked her up?"
    "While discussing her situation."
    Alisha raised her eyebrows. "For three years?"
    Kyle's forehead creased. "You know what the government's like."
    Alisha let out a long breath. She couldn't believe that the government didn't just get rid of her. She was greatful, but it was a stupid move. Now she moved on to more important matters. "What do we know about her escape?"
    Skelton flipped through the document. "Not much. We know that she was broken out. A dead guard, a code descrambler and missing survaillence tapes prove that."
    She almost smiled. It wasn't exactly good that they knew she was broken out. But what she was happy about what that the CIA didn't know by who. She guessed that the CIA never discovered the ARS. "So, all we know is that someone rescued her?"
    He nodded. "That's all." He leaned back in his chair and folded his hands on his stomach. "So, why exactly are you here?"
    Alisha shrugged. "I guess the CIA needs my help in this investigation. That's according to Conners."
    "Well," Kyle said. "You're my first partner. Before you came along I was a freelance agent." He eyed her curiously. "This will be a new experience."
    "Then that makes two of us." Snyder said to him.
    "What did you do at the NSA?"
    She just stared at him. After a few seconds of silence she loosened up. "I did freelance work for a few years. I did have one major undercover mission that lasted almost a year. And," She shrugged. "Some other stuff."
    "You think that you can handle this?" Skelton asked seriously.
    Alisha narrowed her eyes at Kyle. "Of course."
    He stared straight at her. "Good."

    Alisha didn't know what to make of her partner, Kyle Skelton. He was very serious about work, but he didn't seem as up tight as other people she knew and knows. In a way, he was a little intriguing. But she was going to keep her distance. The only reason she was even a little bit nice to him was because she had to be. She wouldn't allow him to anything more than an annoying obsticle in her way.
    It was hard for her to sit there and listen to him recap her life. But it was even worse to hear her first handler's name. She hardly ever said it herself. It hurt too much, and she missed him.
    She had some questions about Howard Phelps. She really hoped that Fletcher could answer them. Or he'd get a whole lot more of her cocky attitude. And he had better have an alternative to having a partner, or she was not going to be happy. Which she never was anyway.
    Shedding the fake personality of Alex Ross, she stepped out of her car. She swiftly strided over to her case officer. His face was half shadowed byt he dark of the abandoned parking garage.
    "Well?" Fletcher asked.
    "The CIA has partnered me up with a man named Kyle Skelton." Alisha said in a monotone. "The only thing they know about my escape it that I was broken out. They don't know by who."
    "Good, you need to make sure it stays that way." Alec said. "Kyle Skelton, I'll have someone pull his file. We need to know everything we can on him."
    "They told me about Howard Phelps." Snyder's voice was harsh. "He was on a freelance mission when he died."
    Alec's eyebrows furrowed. "Yes, we know that."
    "How did Phelps die?"
    Alec looked perplexed. "Why does it matter? It's completely irrelevant!"
    She took a step toward him. Her cold stare changed to a glare. "I need to know everything I can to counter anything that comes up at the CIA." She snapped. "How did Howard Phelps die?"
    Fletcher studied her for a minute, then took a deep breath. "He was hit in the head from the behind. All right?"
    "How many agents before him did you have working in the CIA?" Alisha quickly asked.
    Her handler gave her another look. "Do you want to tellme what this is all about Agent Snyder?"
    "Answer the question!"
    "Now wait a minute!" Alec yelled back at her. "I'm in charge of your assignment and what you do. Before we go anywhere with this, I want to know what's going on!"
    Alisha hardened her glared. The muscles in her jaw were tensing. "Phelps started working at the CIA the same year I was caught. Was he the only ARS agent at the CIA?"
    Fletcher now looked like he understood. He shook his head. "Snyder, we did not set you up."
    "You still haven't answered my question."
    "Fletcher sighed. "Phelps was not the first ARS agent at the CIA. He was, however, the only one who has worked there in the last ten years."
    She took a step back and let out a long silent breath. She eyed her handler curiously, then looked to the side. "So what am I suppose to do?"
    "Just go with it. But if anything comes up, let me know." Alec said to her. "And don't forget the secondary reason you're in there."
    Snyder rolled her eyes. "Steal information."
    He nodded. "Anything you can get. But be careful how you do it. We don't want another dead agent."
    Alisha smirked as she glared coldly at him. "Thanks. I want to see Skelton's file when it's pulled."
    Fletcher wanted to sigh heavily and roll his eyes. But he refrained from doing so and nodded instead. "Of course." That was the main reason he was going to ave it pulled in the first place.
    His asset gave him another un friendly look. Then she turned on her heel and started to walk away. Something then came to his attention. "Have you run into anyone you know?" He called out. "Besides Conners that is."
    Snyder stood still for a few seconds. She turned to look at him, her expression still hard. "Excuse me?"
    "You heard me agent."
    Alisha's expression got colder. "It's not your business." She replied calmly.
    Fletcher also hardened his stare. "It's my business in every way. You are going to tell me. Have you run into any of your old friends?" He had a feeling that this is where things were going to get nasty.
    Alisha took a few rushed steps toward him. "You don't need to know, Fletcher." She spat out his name.
    "Yes I do."
    "You want to explain why?"
    "Because it's important."
    "You know why!" Alec yelled at her. He was getting a headache. He had a feeling that he was going to get a lot of those. It was from all the yelling and arguing.
    Snyder clenched her teeth. She walked up to him, her face in his. She spoke through her closed teeth. "No, I haven't." Her tone was quiet and cold. She turned away from him and quickly got in her car.

    Alisha only wanted to keep her meetins with Fletcher as short as possible. She didn't want to be anything but rude to him. She only wanted to stay professional. She knew that he was as professional as they come. But so was Ryan. And to keep it professional, she had to be harsh. Even if she didn't want to rough on him, she couldn't help it. That was the way she was. She was rude to everyone. Her past did it to her.
    It sickened her when she had to become Alex Ross. She couldn't stand being even remotly nice. But she had to. It might be for the best. Maybe Alex Ross would soften her heart that had hardened since Ryan's death. She hoped it would anyway.
    She had no idea how she was going to handle the next few months, or years. It was definetly going to be challenging, dangerous. She smiled. She liked those sort of things. And what intrigued her the most, was finding her dead lover's killer. And getting revenge.

    Okay, so what did you guys think? Like? Hate? Good? Bad? Please let me know! Chapter 5: Speaking Through a Mask is in progress! ;)

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