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Okay, I have to do this History Fair thing for my social studies class. We have to do a three-panel display board and write a four to ten page report, and give an oral presentation. I need a topic and I was thinking about doing the CIA. Someone did it last year, so I know it's a topic my teacher will approve. Anyone have any other suggestions or advice?

ETA: It's for American History so it has to be something in the history of America.


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I did a project on women in the CIA in high school. It was pretty interesting.

You could do "The CIA in Popular Culture", (the history of how the CIA is portrayed in movies, TV, and books) and that way you could use Alias! But maybe a teacher wouldn't like that... Plus, it might be embarrassing... ^_^


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yeah, I was thinking of doing the hisotry of the CIA, when it started, who started it, that sort of thing. I really don't think my teacher would let me write about Alias, especially since she won't even let people do a project on Walt Disney.


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thanks, I think that's what I'll so. It seems like a cool project. And I hope the fact that it's a topic I actually enjoy will help me to not procrastinate. I'm always horrible at that! ;)
Alias_Girl_624 said:
do espionage. there are some wonderful books out there on espionage over the years!!! it's a great topic.

that's what i would do, at least :smiley:
yeah, i chose espionage in the civil war for my history topic last year. it was interesting.


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VaughnFan13, hmm, espionage in the civil war would be a cool topic, I doubt anyone at my school has done it before, I'll have to look into it.

Arash, I was thinking of doing war, but there are at least 12 other projects being done on various wars, so it seems a little overdone.

thanks for all the ideas everyone! it's a lot of help! :smiley:


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well instead of focusing on a specific war, you could research on the development of military technology over the centuries. Start with sticks and progress up towards the weapons we use now.