Besides Science Fiction...

what are everyone else's hobbies?

I, myself, enjoy cars. I am in the midst of finishing a 63 Impala...

Hopefully I will have it on the street again by the end of January, or beginning of February.


Code Monkey
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Wait, besides sci-fi? HHmm.... this could be a toughie. :D

Well, being the geek that I am I'm usually found reading or playing around with programming code. Right now I'm involved with teaching myself to do different things with PHP on the web server. I know I'm driving the wife nuts with how much time I've been spending online but playing with code is my stress reliever in life. Occassionaly I like playing in the kitchen -- For a wedding present we received a Kitchenaid mixer that makes life a lot easier.

HHmm.... I thinking I need to find some new hobbies. :giveup:
Oh I forgot...I enjoy writing poetry. I'm a very stereotypical writer, it's all very emo and heard-it-all-before. I have also just started playing guitar, although I'm not catching on very fast...


Spending time on the internet, reading, astronomy, cosmology, astrology, writing poetry and fiction, watching tv, watching films etc...

The list is endless.