Hobbit Artwork at Library


Code Monkey
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The Santa Clarita library (California, USA) commissioned a local artist to do a custom Hobbit inspired work for their front doors. :cool:

As a kid I spent a lot time in libraries, both the local public library and various school libraries, and would have loved seeing something like this. (y)

My Mum read the Hobbit to me when I was little. I think all children should read it before seeing the movie so their imaginations can form their own pictures of what the characters and places look like, instead of having it done for them.

A week before the first LOTR movie came out I was rushing to get through the book in time. The Bridge of Khazad Dum was the most exciting chapter ever! The only other time a book has had that kind of heart-thumping effect on me was when I read the Headless Ghost (Goosebumps) as a kid, alone in the house at night. Very scary.


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I never read the book till after I saw the play. (Youth Theatre) and the film, was it the Hobbit that was a cartoon with mixed in poor effects over real actors playing the orcs?