Holodeck version 1.0. It is called HoloVizio


An Old Friend

True 3-D display technology developed by European researchers offers enormous potential for design, education and collaboration.​

Star Trek's holodeck is a famous science fiction concept.​

The holodeck is still science fiction, but last year researchers took the first, confident steps towards its realisation with the Coherent project. This EU-funded research project, developed a commercial, true 3-D display that could one day be called Holodeck version 1.0. It is called HoloVizio.​

The researchers based the display component on innovative holographic techniques that can present, at natural human interaction scale, realistic animated 3-D images simultaneously to an unlimited number of freely moving viewers.​
Interesting; I wonder if the medical or 'adult' industries will be the first to bring something like to the market.