Holy Pacecars Batman!

$0 - B


An Old Friend
BatMan Begins 400 June 19th

NASCAR Nextel Cup

66/1 The Batmobile to enter the race.
500/1 The Batmobile to enter the race and win.
1/1 Christian Bale to appear in the crowd.
200/1 Christian Bale to assist the pit crew during stops with his
utility belt.
20/1 All race commentators on live television to dress as Batman.
66/1 The studio to insist all drivers dress as Batman.
100/1 The studio to insist all drivers dress as Batman and all pit
crew dress as Alfred the Butler.
100/1 The winners bottle of Champagne to be served by Alfred the
10/1 The chequered flag to be replaced by a flag with the Batman
logo on it.
100/1 The Joker to emerge and interfere with any of the pit stops.

Sports Interaction clients will wager on the likelihood of a wide variety of possible promotional events on race day. A $10 wager on the Batmobile entering the race could yield a payoff of as much as $670; betting that the Batmobile wins outright could pay $5000; if the movie's star decides to help the pit crews, that would make some lucky client $2000 richer.