i know what you're talking about and that was funny AliasALIAS......I wish i could make my own homepage, but i'm not skilled at all in doing so!
mine is about:blank --- everything loads faster, and i got the google toolbar, so i dont need that to be my homepage

i was thinking of changing it to astaforum.com but its been down for a while
(the main reason ive been posting here- because i dont post there anymore :( )

and i check this forum nuf at work
AliasALIAS said:
nance said:
AliasALIAS said:
Mine is about:blank :P
:blink: :thinking: Watcha talking about?
It's a blank page. No website. ;)
its actually more exciting than it may seem...

you see...

oh nevermind, its not more exciting... its more usefull

anyways to get ur homepage to be that just goto Tools > Internet Options and click use blank


my work homepage is actually not about blank... i forgot, its the development page

(its on the intranet of my work, so YOU wont be able to get there)

bwah bwah bwah

i wont b posting for a few days, im going to pittsburgh to visit carnegie mellon and have an admissions interview :(