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Jan 21, 2013
Has Ridley gone stark raving mad? Start of week we learnt from the Director that there might be three further Prom movies, with the fourth unravelling the connection to the Alien universe. Yes cool with that, now Ridley is rabbiting on about the next Prom movie being fully xenomorph loaded and getting a name change to Alien: Paradise!?! Mr Scott toying with us again????

Scream Queens has kicked off on Fox with the first couple of episodes being well received. In my viewing queue kids.

The Exorcist to be remade? The rights to the movie are up for grabs, this does not necessarily mean a remake (which is gonna bomb anyways). One site made mention of a mooted mini-series remake, sorry wrong that was a continuation of the franchise not a remake.

Meg finally getting made with Eli Roth directing!?! Giant prehistoric shark flick kids, yes just like those Asylum ones. Have no faith in this one, the original writer, or anything to do with giant sharks. Might watch Jaws again.

And finally Jesus to make an appearance in Season 6 of The Walking Dead, yeah!!! WHich probably means Negan is on the horizon ..... all good.


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Mar 20, 2004
At this point I think Ridley Scott is just saying 'screw you' to all of the franchise fans. He is at the point of his career that he can nearly do whatever he wants with some of his projects and he is exercising that ability.
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