Horror Tellie dropping on Disc Downunder


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For those waiting to see how Nick fares with the rednecks, season 3 is dropping on DVD and Blu in Australia 15th Feb, $40 on DVD and $45 Blu - expecting those prices to drop when the discs get in store.

For The Strain fans, season 3 is also with us 28th Feb on DVD and Blu, $30 and $35 respectively.

No I don't have any news on The Exorcist TV show, but remember we were all importing TWD season one as it took a year or so for that one to drop Downunder. Still no final release date in the States, so who knows, stream away citizen, Amazon Prime (which sounds like a transformer) is your friend there. Okay give me a moment ..... nope Amazon Oz is it's usual shower of <insert naughty word>, frack that's been a disaster overall