Season 5 How did you get hooked on ALIAS?


Apr 24, 2005
Sorry for my bad english, but I'll tell just the basics how i get hooked.
It has been one night, when i was watching Third Watch, the serie ended with gunshots in hospital and then was over. Then i wanted to see when serie will continue, but it has gone. I was sad, but then after the advertisements this show stared to rolling.
I watched it to the end and it was so exciting, that i couldn't wait for the next part. And i had very luck, because i started watching this show from the very first part!
And now I just like to watch this kind of type of serie :). Alias is my no.1 serie.
May 2, 2006
It was the greatest marathon on tv I had ever seen in my life! The day was New Years Day 2002 and foxfamily, but now it is called abcfamily was running an all day marathon of Alias the first season. But it wasnt all of the eppys becuz the season wasnt done. Anyway the show was great and it became one of my fave shows after Charmed! Which are both ending this year! Ok Im sad now. They killed off Nadia and JJ is being a jerk who wants to do stupid shows like LOST!


Jan 27, 2003
my obsession with Alias began the day ABC started to show the promo's for the show and Sydney in that red wig ... I loved the show since the beginning and have enjoyed it so far ... with its ups and downs ... Alias is the ONLY show I have become obsessed with ... and there is no other show out there that can make me watch TV like Alias did ...

Thanks to Alias and crew for 5 great years ;)


May 5, 2003
It was a Tuesday night in September 2001, my roommate and I, who seriously never watched TV, decided to watch something like Dharma and Greg while doing homework. After it was over they showed a preview for the show coming up and I was like let's turn it off I don't want to get into any TV shows but she didn't want to (thank goodness). There was this girl with psycho hair being tortured, what was I suppose to think? We had to leave before the episode ended, so we stuck in a tape to record the rest. As soon as we got home we watched the rest and loved it. The downfall was that it was on Sunday nights and we had a rule in our apartment that we wouldn't watch TV on Sundays, and we kept forgetting to record it so we could watch later.

Then I went home for Christmas break, and bless ABC Family's heart they had an all day marathon and we caught up but again forgot to record the new episodes. So when I went home for the summer I watched the reruns and never forgot to record an episode from then on out.

My college experience would have been totally different if it hadn't included Alias. Everyone knew I huge fan so they came to me to borrow DVD's and tapes. There are people I never would have met if it hadn't been for Alias, in fact, I met my best friend when I loaned his apartment my DVD's.

Ivanhoe 47

Nov 26, 2005
I got hooked when I saw the episode in S1 which ended with Syd and Anna opening the briefcase with the rambaldi binary code. I don't remember which one it was. But that pretty much got me watching.


Oct 2, 2005
September 30th 2001.

I watched the first episode, when ABC aired it commercial free and was in awe. I had been a Jennifer Garner fan since Felicity/Signifigant Others/Time of Your Life and was going to watch her new show without a question.

Alias has been the show to define my life. I've never missed an episode. I own all the seasons, the action figures, the trading cards and owe a great deal to the effects of this show.

I've never been so committed to a televison, nor do I even think it's healthy to be so freaking obsessed with something like a show. But Alias is different - it can make you cry, make you laugh and it can consume you with everything. I remember spending a few weeks depressed over Vaughn's 'death'. All of my friends refuse to even listen to me when I ramble about Alias - I request nights off work just to watch. It's sick, I know.

Jennifer Garner has taken a character and made her an icon. Sydney Bristow will be remembered forever.


Oct 24, 2005
I was never much of a tv watcher, but 8/31/2001 I had my first child, and didn't do much those first couple months except sit around and watch tv while taking care of him. So my husband and I saw the previews, and watched the 1st episode, and were hooked. I've never missed an episode, and have scheduled my life around it on occasion - and always recorded it just in case. There were many a night I couldn't wait to get the kids to bed just to watch Alias!! I'd think about it all summer, just waiting for the next season to start. I could never understand how other people got drawn into tv shows and went nuts over them until I saw this show.

I don't think I'll ever be addicted to another show like this again. When I found out Alias was ending this year, I started watching Lost just so I could watch another JJ show... but nothing will ever match Alias. It just grabbed my heart and my mind in all the right places, in a way no other show could do.


Aug 16, 2005
I'm from México and since 2002, one friend told me about Alias, he always tried to convince me to watch the show, but was until the end of the summer of 2004 when i started to watch Alias...

Sony (the channel that used to transmit Alias here in latinoamerica) did some saturday marathons with the first 2 seasons, i watched a few episodes (in those days i went to english classes on saturdays! so, i didn't have enough time), but i liked, and later (november) they started the 3rd season, and i watched, some things i understood, others don't, but, i was becoming a fan!!

Later, when the season ended, Alias was moved to another channel, but my addiction didn't stop, so, i start to download the 4th season, i only download a few episodes (i have dial up connection, so, every episode take me a lot of time), and, in september 05 i start downloading the 5th, even when i watched only a few episodes of the 4th!! but, in january i bought the 4th season dvd and watch that season in 5 days!! and in february the channel that actually transmits Alias (they are on the 4th season) start with daily reruns of the first 3 seasons, so, i watched those episodes again, was great because some i never watched before... and now, i'm waiting to the monday!! :( Alias will end, but at least we have the dvd's (i want the boxset with the 5 seasons!!) and here in latinoamerica we have half of the 4th season and the 5th (next year i guess), i watched those yet, but still is great because some of my friends hasn't, so, i can talk with team about it... :D
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