Season 3 How did you react to Sloane's execution scene?

Read the first message of this thread before answering... And BE HONEST: Did you, at least for a sec

  • Yes... Once he was in the black bag and Sydney arrived I thought Sloane was dead for good. They had

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  • Yes... But only for a few seconds, then I reconsidered, and, knowing how important Ron Rifkin's char

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  • No... I knew they were simply not gonna kill one of the most important characters of the show.

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  • No... I knew because I read spoilers and Sloane is part of a spoiler for one of the next 3 episodes,

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Apr 1, 2004
I went with #3.
First of all, the major changes in Alias tend to happen either episodes 22-1 or 11-12, and Sloane's "death" was not on one of those 4 episodes.
Secondly, the whole Jack-Sloane thing with Jack saying "what you have done to my daughter will be nothing compared to what I'm gonna do to yours" that was a very weird line and kinda out of character. Jack will definately hurt Sydney's sister if he thinks she will hurt Sydney, but hurting Sydney's sis just to hurt a dead Sloane would hurt Sydney too much, which Jack would just not do.
Thirdly, after the whole Sloane's/Jack's love for their daughters comparison, it would be symbolically a terrible move to kill Sloane at that moment.
7 I think Jack is the only one who knows he is still alive - and I don't think he will be telling many people.
Do you think he will tell Sydney? 
I'm guessing that Sydney will be the only one he does tell, Sydney is the one who needs to find her sister (just as badlly as she needed to find her mom) and jack has been treating Sydney as more of an equal. I was up in the air about if Jack would tell Vaughn but the preveiws ...


Feb 28, 2003
I kept thinking Sloane would escape somehow or that someone would save him. I came up with all sortts of ways for him to keep on living including <!--spoilerbs--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>SPOILER </td></tr><tr><td id='SPOILER'><!--spoilerbe-->the use of the rambaldi juice<!--spoileres--></td></tr></table><div class='postcolor'><!--spoileree-->. But when the line autually went flat, I was shocked and in denial. They couldn't kill Sloane! Not Sloane! But I did believe it for a couple minutes. And when they showed someone opening the body bag, I for some reason thought it was Lauren. Maybe to check?


Nov 10, 2003
I read spoilers so I knew they weren't going to kill sloane but it was a total shocker to see them go as far as they did with the execution. Seeing him take his last breathe and the flat line and in a body bag gosh was great (y)

So RR isnt leaving the show is he going to be in hiding for the remainder of his contract or something?


Jan 27, 2003
I couldn't believe that Sloan actually died in that scene ... and then ... boom, there comes jack "resurrecting" him ... :jawdrop: .... I was shocked and happy to see Sloane alive ...

P.S. do you guys think the CIA knew all along what Jack was gonna do, or do the CIA not know that Sloane is still alive? :blink: The thing is that Jack said to Sloane, I orchestrated this ... which to me sounded like no one else knew ... :blink:


Jul 29, 2003
Oakland/San Diego
I thought he died! At first I thought he wasn't going to die, I thought Jack would save him like last minute, but he saved Sloane last...negative 3 hours! I was feeling sorry for him too. And if he did die, that would have been a good exit. I'm glad he's alive though. Ah emotions you can feel when your spoiler free. :P

Mr Sloane

Apr 20, 2004
The whole ep was off the hook! You have Lauren being made and Vaughn trying to play her for intel, then she figures out that he's onto her and is about to start playing him. Interesting dynamic there. I knew they weren't going to reveal Sloane as Syd's dad, even though they sorely wanted to, but the half sister deal is nice and adds another interesting dynamic, even though just a hair predictable. Regardless, the Sloane death scene stole not just the whole show, but the whole season to date! The best done sequence shifting back and forth between Sloane and Syd going for the glass. The music just nailed the emotion cold. Is Sloane really dead? How will Syd react to her father's "betrayal" of her trust? Does Jack have something up his sleeve? OMG! STOP IT! YOU'RE KILLING ME! Best of all we have yet another interesting Dynamic because of this, with Sloane believed to be dead by the gov't, he can't dare show his face again, which basically puts him at Jack's mercy. However, for rigging the death and Sloane knowing about it, Jack would be in just as much hot water should the truth be learned. Double edged sword. Not sure if they're heading that way (I don't do spoilers), but it strikes me as interesting. Hourglass > All.


Tragic Romantic
Mar 10, 2003
Northern California
ivand67 said:
Ron Rifkin is the bomb, by the way! That entire scene with Sydney kicking ass and Sloane's execution and that tune by the Deftones must have been the best scene we've seen in Season 3, perhaps even in the show's 3 year history. I thought it was great, anyway...
I know!!! I am thinking the same thing. I actually think that this episode is probably the best Alias episode to date!! And most definitely, the best of Season 3!! But really, the whole dynamic with the music, Syd kicking arse, and Sloane just letting the poison drip into him. Whoa. It was just such a great episode.

Anyways, I really thought Sloane was going to be dead. I just kept going "NO!!", and I was in tears, practically sobs, since it was just so dark, and I couldn't believe it. And then when Sydney just comes up pissed when she is having her shootout, it makes me feel more and more that Sloane is dead for good. That would make me sad. I like the evil people. :P But then when I saw Jack, I knew Sloane was back. Luckily.
Jun 29, 2003
When i was watching the scene i was like Jack will stop it but when the line went flat and i was like, oh no they killed Sloane, i was shocked but then i started thinking they can kill him off, i thought it was a trick and towards the end scene i realised what they had done then i saw Jack bring him back to life, it was a great scen but i did actually believe they killed off sloane for a few seconds!


Jan 6, 2003
well i SERIOUSLY thought he was dead which confused the hell out of me cuz i saw the promo pics for blood ties and he was in them so when he went flatline and then was in the body bag i was like wow how is he gonna get out of that one so i was really confused for a few mins there....
personally tho - i thought the execution scene was one of the best scenes in alias history - bravo jj (y)


michael's widow in mourning
Jun 26, 2003
well they had me convinced too - i waslike nah they cant kill off a major charcter but huh OMFG they just did. :o

then jack resurects him and i'm all oh yeah - cool! :shamefullyembarrased:


Feb 11, 2004
Copenhagen, Denmark
voted : Yes... But only for a few seconds, then I reconsidered, and, knowing how important Ron Rifkin's character is, I didn't buy it and was not at all surprised to see Sloane was "resurrected" by Jack.

I was like, no they can't possibly kill Sloane. I really had a hard time believing that it could actually happen.


Dec 27, 2003
OasisSparrow said:
i voted the last one but wondered how he was going to come back. for a moment i still thought he died
yah i know what you mean...i was asking my dad how he thought he was gonna come back, but at the same time i was thinking...he is coming back, right?


Sydney/Nadia shipper
Mar 12, 2003
Clearwater FL
Before the episode I expected that if Sloane was executed the green goo that Sloane injected would save him. So I never really thought Sloane was dead for good. But the episode did play out in such a way with Sydney and Jack that during the episode I had come to expect that Sloane would be saved before execution so it was a shook when he was actually executed.

My next thought though was that they had not filled Sloane’s mouth with holy wafers and beheaded him so that there was no way he was going to stay dead. :P

The ‘sode was great overall with great tension. :)


Apr 19, 2004
Seeing that Sloane really didn't have much to do this season, and the fact that ANYTHING goes in this show (Lauren turned traitor shocked me), I thought for sure Sloane was dead. The haunting music is what got me. Usually, only major characters who die get cool music/montages in their death scenes. I don't think I could have kept watching the show if Sloane died.

Then again, being a fan of Buffy and Angel, I am used to seeing major characters die! :P
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