Foodies How do you like your hot dogs?

What Do You Like On Your Hot Dogs?

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Code Monkey
Staff member
Mar 20, 2004
For those that eat 'em, how do you like your hot dogs? Me personally, I'm a bit picky in that I will only eat all-beef hot dogs with minimal toppings. At home I like to bacon wrap the dogs but even then still use minimal toppings, usually just a little mustard and maybe some onions. For dogs without bacon I'll enjoy some sauerkraut on them on rare occasions.

What I can't stand are the hot dogs that some places offer where they put so much stuff on it that you have go searching to even find the hot dog let alone trying to pick it up with your hands to eat it. And "Chicago Style" dogs? Bleh!

So how do you like yours?


An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
I don't like hot dogs at all. I don't like bologna either. If I go to the local Sloppy Dogs joint I order the gator dog.

At home I buy those red hots that are more like sausage than hot dogs. Not only do they have a spicy kick, they taste nothing like a hot dog.

The red hots that I buy are about 3/4 of the length of a standard hot dog. If you lay one on a slice of bread there is all bread in the 1st bite. I usually slice mine down the center so I have red hot in all bites. I always have mine with a slice of cheese (Kraft American Sandwich Slices), Spicy Brown or Djon Mustard and a thin line of Ketchup. Sometimes I will add sweet relish or dill relish depending on my mood. I don't like mine messy either.

Just recently I cooked some up and found my bread was moldy. I sliced up the redhots and put them in a tortilla shell with cheese. Wrapped it all up as a burrito and nuked it. I put picante sauce on it and I think I found a new favorite way to eat them.

Sometimes I will add them to an appetizer tray. They go on the spicy tray with hot sauce dips and other hot goodies. They are not really hot, just a tad hotter than a spicy pepperoni. I also sometimes slice them up after cooking them and add them cold to my cucumber salad. Sliced and added to Bush's baked beans gives them a nice kick.

The only normal hot dog I will eat is the Majestic 'Maji dog' that has Majestic chili sauce, mustard and onions.
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