How do you pronounce "Vartan"?

newyorkaise said:
In America it's pronounced Michael Var-tin and in France it's pronounced Michael Var-tan (like in r[/I]dez vous).  In France he's well known cuz he's French and also cuz he's the cousin of some famous French singer.

But I saw the trailer for "It had to be you" and they said "Var-tAn"



i've to say that i can't stop laughting with this topic and all your answers! :LOL: :D

First because i've always thought i was the only one who had problems with his name pronuncionantion...i thought i was dumb cause i was always questioning people how to said it!

Secondly because now i've more doubts! :confused: :confused:

the name is american? French? Bulgary? what??

But i thing is Var-tAn
Well, I think the correct pronunciation is Var-TAN (as in the sound in the word rendezvous), because that's how it's pronounced in France (and Michael IS FRENCH, and his whole family pronounces it that way). However, here in the U.S., Michael himself pronounces his name as Var-TAN (as in the color). So, I think both pronunciations are correct, but it is wrong to say it like VAR-tin.

Anyway, I do know MV appreciates it said correctly, because I have heard him say in interviews "thank you for saying my name right" whenever they use the Var-TAN pronunciation.

ETA: If any of you have the Alias DVDs, you can listen to Michael introduce himself in the audio commentaries. The way he says his name would be the correct way to pronounce Vartan.
Hee hee. You all are funny.

I pronounced it Var-tIn for aages, and then on the Alias commentary i head JG pronounce it Var- TAN (emphesis on the TAN) and i was like "well i never!"
its good to see im not the only one.

I think its Var- TAN.
Ok, Ok...

I'd hate to disappoint everyone here but Vartan is actually an Armenian first name. It's the name of one of our Saints who was also one of the fiercest & bravest knights of Armenian History. St. Vartan Mamigonian. It was also my grandfather's first name. It means "Giver of Roses".

Somewhere in Michael's family history someone decided to turn it into a surname and now it seems that many of you are confused that it's some sort of French name. It isn't by any means.

You can pronounce it Var-tan but there isn't really a way to phonetically write out how it's actually pronounced using the English alphabet.

It's VAR (like car) with a rolling "r" and TAN (closer to tonne but with a little hint of an "a" sound to the "o"). If you want to pronounce it as it was meant to be pronounced then there's all the info you need.

Have fun!