How many of you are first timers with forums when you signed up with CoolSciFi?

Is CoolSciFi your first experience with forums?

  • Yes

    Votes: 2 12.5%
  • No

    Votes: 14 87.5%

  • Total voters


Avoid A Void
i am not sure if i worded this correctly but for example for me coolscifi is the first experience with forums and blogs and i was initiated to that at the tender age of 40ish (ack) :eek::eek::blush:

i always wondered if i was an odd person out for waiting so long to get involved in something like this!?

yes i have heard of them before but till i came here it never really interested me and i do thank this site for being here since the subject is one that enthralls me.

so i bow to you here coolscifi staff for bringing our world to us in a way we enjoy so much.
I used to do a lot more online forums, but after a while the ones I was visiting all got eaten up with the same tired arguments between the same tired people, and I lost interest. Now I'm much mote picky about the places I post and visit.

I've been hanging around internet forums for well around a decade or so...the internet in its current form was just starting to get big around the time I entered college, which probably explains my usage.
Before I had a computer I had internet through my cable tv provider. I was using forums then, although awkwardly. Providing you learn a bit of netiquette you normally can't go wrong with your postings. We all still make mistakes though :smiley:
I'm about the same age, Painkiller. This isn't my first forum, but I guess it was only about five or so years ago I started. I was the all-time talker on one forum, seriously, I had the highest post numer, into the thousands. But I'm no expert when it comes to using differnt forums set up differently.