How much will kill you?


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How much of your favorite energy drink, soda, or caffeinated food would it take to kill you? Take this quick test and find out:

Caffeine Calculator

Caffeine amounts of tea, coffee, soft drinks, and energy drinks?
Go see the caffeine database. You can also add up your daily caffeine intake with the handy on-screen calculator.
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Obsessed with caffeinated things?
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This tool is intended as humor - and is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing on here should be construed as medical advice or information. Don’t try this at home. If you actually try this and end up dying after only 140 energy drinks instead of 143, it’s not our fault.
All brand names are property of their registered trademark and copyright owners. Some drinks have the potential to be very, very dangerous before lethal levels: don’t be stupid.

Check me out:

You could drink 359.21 cans of Pepsi-Cola before croaking.
126.98 cups of Brewed Coffee + You = Death.
You could drink 2730.00 glasses of Chocolate Milk before croaking.
It would take 62.05 cans of Jolt Cola to put you down.
After 290.43 cups of Iced Tea, you'd be pushing up daisies.
Gulp down 303.33 cans of Diet Coke and you're history.

I don't drink Diet Coke but there are many beverages to choose from. Just type in your current weight and pick a beverage.


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I have a filter coffee machine and know 4-6 small cups, 2-3 normal mugs, can cause heart palpatations so rather think that much could kill a slightly less than healthy adult male!. I know I'm in discomfort then!

From the dance scene, we know drinking a gallon of water in an hour has been known frequently to kill people.


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These days I drink mostly iced tea so it looks like I'm good... will take nearly 500 bottles before I'm in trouble.

Do you guys have something called "Four Loko" in your area? Some kind of alcoholic drink with caffeine added to it. It's been making the news around here after a college kid died after going on a binge of it.


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US forces are using Modafinal. Is that in the gum you're talking about?

edit: oh, caffeine gum! That doesn't make sense to me. Caffeine has never worked to do anything more than get me through a few extra hours when I absolutely don't need to fall asleep. I can even sleep on it nowadays. The side effects for me, are being unable to think properly, trembling, short tempered. Not good things when working as part of a cohesive team with a firearm in my hands :smiley:


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Interesting site............just went there and ran the numbers a bit and found, for instance:

It would take 281.53 cans of Red Bull to put you down.
After 86.62 cans of NOS Energy Drink, you'd be pushing up daisies.
There's no caffeine in Apples, so that won't kill you. You can go for death by sugar intake, though.
300.30 cans of Amp + You = Death.
Gulp down 417.08 cans of Mountain Dew and you're history.

The weirdest one to me, though, was............
250.25 Nuclear Energy Powders + You = Death.
I kept looking at that one and thinking, "I coulda' stretched that out that by taking more of the radium ones than either the uranium/plutonium varieties........"