How to make your computer run FASTER! *WORKS*


How to make your computer run faster (windows) Dunno bout' mac:

1.Open Notepad.
2.Type in: mystring=(80000000) Take note if your RAM is only 128MB or less then you put this instead: mystring = (16000000)
3. save as: ram.vbe
4.Close everything that is running on your computer, or taking up cpu.
5. Double click ram.vbe (Dont frackin quad click it like 300 times) -- Nothing happens when you click the file, so don't worry.
6. Wait 2 minutes, then come back and your computer should be running faster.

This clears up your ram which reduces lag and felgercarb.
It's like picking your nose, after you get the boogers out, you can..uh.. breath better. :)
I doubt your computer would crash, matter'fact it won't. Also, Google states this code works.
Give it a try.
Then feel free to leave feedback!

To clear this up^^ Or to simply explain in another way:
The code flushes the RAM. Your RAM stores data for the applications that are being processed. When you have multiple applications running or you have stopped using some applications just recently there are chances that data need for those applications might still remain in the RAM. This code according to my interpretation flushes the RAM of all the data it contains which reduces lag..

Thank you!