How to Make Your Windows7 Completely Look Like Mac OS


How to Make Your windows7 Completely Look Like Mac OS

Introduction: These are things that would make Windows 7 look like Mac OS. I know this is irrelevant and not that useful to others but I'm just trying to contribute to HF, so bare with me. Hope this will be of use to anyone who wants it. Sorry for my bad English!

1. Theme

- To make it look like Mac, the theme should be the first thing we should change/replace. This theme was created by Aaron-A-Arts from Deviantart. I know there are lots of themes like this but I like this theme coz it's sleek and fits my taste.
- To install this theme you must first patch your system to install 3rd party themes[LINK].
- I use this software(LINK) to install the theme and also this software will replace other system files(like explorer.exe, OoberFldr.dll, explorerFrame.dll, shell32.dll) safely.


Download Link :

Mac 7 Theme by Aaron-A-Arts on DeviantArt

2. Icons

- These icons are from deviantart and it has an installer to make it more easier to use. It has x86/x32 and x64 versions for download


Download Links :

for x86/x32 bit >>

for x64 bit >>

3. Cursors

- Mac cursors with installer. Enjoy!


Download Link :

4. Dock

- This is a skin for RocketDock


Download Link :

Punk Labs

5. Wallpapers

- The theme itself has wallpapers on it but I will share to you some high definition Mac wallpapers that I used.


Download Link :

If there are things that I forgot to mention please comment.

Thank you for reading this thread.