vBulletin [How To] Set Signature Permissions

Signatures in posts became alot more fun with the introduction of the 3.6.x version of vBulletin! Fortunately for administrators, setting signature permissions was made easy as well. Good thing too, because I have seen alot of member signatures get really out of hand!

In just one easy section in the Usergroup manager, you are able to:
  1. enable or disable signatures
  2. determine how large a signature may be by setting number of permissible characters, and/or number of lines permitted in signature
  3. enable or disable images in signatures
  4. limit signature image sizes
  5. limit number of images in signatures.
There are a host of other customizations to choose from as well.

Ok so where do I go? you may be asking.....
  1. Admin control panel
  2. Usergroups
  3. Usergroup Manager
  4. Scroll down to Signature Permissions
have fun!


Code Monkey
Staff member
Peggy, thanks for the writeup! :cool:

For existing vBulletin owners who have upgraded to vB 3.6.x they may not be aware of all of the new features lurking in the upgrades so a writeup like this is perfect for both new & existing administrators.
thanks, i've asked on other forums and they just sat there scratching themselevs..from now on im asking all my questions here since you guys are the most knowledgable!