How u listen to music?

How do ya?

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  • walkmen

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I always, always, always listen to music with headphones, whether I am listening to it on the computer or my diskman. On that note, I think that you may need to change walkman to diskman in the voting section because not too many ppl still use walkmans since CD's took over.
I mostly use diskmans, I put turn it on at night while I'm in bed to help me fall asleep, and in the morning to help me wake-up.

:cool: Message from a Toronto Cracker :cool:
computer mainly, easier to control, more songs, no hassel of changing cds and oh ya i'm constantly on the computer :smiley: :lol:
--mandy :angelic:
I listen to songs on my mp3 and computer quite equally, so I was'nt sure which one to vote for. :lol: In the end, I chose mp3 but both are pretty convinient and used frequently.
iPod all the way! and Winamp on my computer some of the time, but that takes up a lot of processing speed, so iPod mainly!