How u listen to music?

How do ya?

  • CD player

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  • walkmen

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mostly on my portable CD player and PC, CD-wise.
Speaking of PC, I purchase a lot of songs (and some albums) from iTunes/RealPlayer music stores that I later burn on CD-R's to make mix CD's.
regarding radio, it's mostly on Sirius Satellite via Dish Network.
lol, I'm so weird. I waste like ALL of my harddrive by ripping CDs in lossless format. Some songs I have are like 50 megs, because there ripped at around 900 kbps (the highest I've ever gotten was 1090 kbps :lol: )
garnergarnish said:
i listen to most of my music on my cd walkman. i don't own a computer and i like my cds anyway

well this was before someone bought me a beautiful ipod now i listen o most of my music on there.