How u listen to music?

How do ya?

  • CD player

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  • MP3 Player

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  • Radio

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  • Stereo

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  • Computer

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  • walkmen

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  • Other

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Computer, MP3 player, CD player... and occasionally the radio, but not much because I like to control what songs come on and the radio... too much rap.
I've got the most crappy mp3 player ever... it's lousy, only works when it wants too, eats batteries, hate it!
but my brother gave it to me as a present, so I love it lol ;)
My computer is my ultimate source of music! I lost my freakin Mp3 player (ahhhhhhhhhhh) I broke my walkman and I want a ipod but don't have one, the radio sucks and I have no good CDs so...........