Howdy to all


Hi all, I probably should have posted this before I made some other posts, but I wanted to have a look around first...and got caught up posting on a couple of threads as I did.

This looks like a pretty cool place, I'll look forward to hanging out here.

About me (this is the boring bit of the post, so you can skip reading from here).

I've been a sci fi fan for ages and ages (ok, that's tech speak for my whole sorry 40 years of life). I have a personal blog on sci fi (Sci-Fi Scoop) that looks commercial-ish but it's not, it's just my own fun project. Oh yeah, I'm a big fan of good movie scores as well. I think you can tell what someone is like from what they like, and I like The Matrix and Battlestar Galactica as two of my top fav sci fi stories/films/series. So that'll probably alert you to my strengths (and weaknesses).

Anyway, I said this was boring and I think I'm proving myself right, so I'll end it there and just welcome myself to your forum :D
DarrenA, welcome to Cool Sci-Fi! (y)

Introductions are never boring since they give an inside glimpse to each of us. ;)

So, I have to ask... BSG Classic or BSG Re-Imagined? :D
I am a fan of both but Ronald D. Moore's Battlestar is something else entirely as far as the sci-fi genre is concerned imho, so if it was a competition I'd be going for the new BSG without a second thought.