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Sci-Fi Hurdox (the Prophecy)

Discussion in 'Books' started by Morgan Khan, May 12, 2014.

  1. Morgan Khan

    Morgan Khan Cadet

    May 12, 2014
    Hi coolscifi family,

    Thank you for allowing me to join your forum and sharing my story.

    Hurdox (The Prophecy) is only the beginning of a passage to awareness and a fundamental challenging of Man’s arrogant preconceptions about his self-importance and his genesis.

    The origins of these revelations are as fascinating as the story itself. The beginning of my awakening was a flight from Mumbai to London in 1994; 8 hours of an intensity and mystical-like inspiration of unsurpassed energy that totally consumed my every thought. I wonder to this day if I was chosen to be a conduit to an alternative truth.

    It has taken over 20 years to extrapolate and develop the vision and narrative for Hurdox (The Prophecy) and the other stories in this quadrilogy.


    Hurdox (The Prophecy) is the first in a series of stories about the divergent evolution on earth that resulted in the civilizations of Whale and of Man. These civilizations are now at odds. How will their conflict develop and how will it be resolved?

    Having evolved in the oceans, the whales naturally developed significant psychic and telepathic faculties. Having evolved on land, humans naturally developed the more linear capabilities of language, logic, and invention.

    Because of their psychic powers, magnified to a remarkable degree by Jhirac, a substance found on the ocean floor, whales were once the rulers/protectors of the entire earth realm. Their own civil war ended that era and stopped further access to Jhirac. However, within the whale culture there persevered a prophecy about the ultimate evolution on earth being a (re)merging of Whale and Man, resulting in a new form of conscious being. A secret lineage of mystics is privy to the whereabouts of Jhirac and the oracles of prophesy.

    The activities of humans have forced the whale civilization to intervene not only for their own survival, but to ensure the viability of the earth domain altogether. Will either civilization survive the confrontation? Will the prophecy manifest? Can the fulfilment of the prophecy result in a better earth-world, or will a seeding of the stars in a totally different form be the outcome?

    Dr Kai Baylen, an oceanographer, has been having visions of the ocean and of an ephemeral ocean being. He has been called to an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council. What pivotal role is he being called to play in the whale-human interface?

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