Hurricane Sandy

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With Hurricane Sandy winding down over the US East Coast, we here at Cool Sci-Fi hope that all of our community members are safe & sound.

For those in an area affected, please take precautions to remain safe and we wish you the best in the days ahead. If you have any photos or videos from the storm please feel free share.

Below is one image coming out out Atlantic City, New Jersey, that looks like a scene from Planet of the Apes but is very real. It is of a roller coaster ride that used to be on a pier and was a destination spot of families for decades. During the hurricane the entire end of the pier was washed away, after the water receded, what was left of the ride washed up on the beach.




Code Monkey
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It is looking like NY will end up being the worst hit of the areas due to the flooding going out well beyond the initial evacuation zones. In one neighborhood alone a section of about 100 houses were destroyed by fire.

A shot of Lower Manhattan still in the dark.