Husband Search

awwww, i hope both my sis and niece find guys!! ana, liz, im helping ya in ur search! if i even get a sniff of a single guy, i'm pming u's!!! :D
young, free and single! u go twinny, i feel like im none of them! haha, especially on here, man i feel old!! though im glad im not the latter! hehe, milo's the best :love: i
List of girls !

and of boys!


liz (ILoVeVaUgHnxo)
anna (aliasgirl000)
kiki (KikiCourt)
Moreinda (dangerous_agent)


oh hey. Needing a husband.
I'm kind and funny.....nah I'm just kiddin. I'm a single mother. My child needs a father. :starts crying:
I'm sorry I'm gonna have to leave, its too much
:runs from the room crying and mumbling about needing a good husband, wih well paid job: