“Hybrids” is a Great Read with an Unexpected Ending


I love reading thriller/page turners/sci-fi and “Hybrids” by Whitley Strieber fits that bill and then some. I had never read anything by Streiber before even though he is very well known in the “aliens” genre. Streiber wrote “The Grays” which is a classic in the genre. Others know him as the author of “2012”; or rather many know the movie 2012. Having never read Streiber before I was not sure I believed the hype that surrounded “Hybrids”. I am an avid fan of Steven King and Dean Koontz and recently discovered Ted Dekker. I expect really well written books with surprises throughout and particularly at the end.
I have to say after finishing “Hybrids” that Streiber did not disappoint and I will be reading more of his work in the future. The basic premise of “Hybrids” is that humans were visited years ago by aliens who shared technology with them and attempted to create a human/alien hybrid. Having no success at this the aliens left, but they also left behind their technology. So of course a “mad scientist” went ahead and created human/alien hybrids.
The “first generation” looked human but had superhuman capabilities. The “second generation” did not work out at all. The “third generation” was ordered to be destroyed and the mad scientist pretended to do so but buried his work in caverns deep underground. This “third generation” reproduced itself and was capable of creating any type of biomechanical hybrid it chose to. This self aware machine decided to eliminate humans and take control of the earth. What ensues is your typical alien-human war. What is not typical is the ending.
I am not going to give the ending away except to say I thought it was exceptional and I did not expect it. The “war” has some very intense aspects to it and it is NOT nighttime reading. But the ending is redemptive. So go find this book which was published this year. It is well worth your time.