Hypothetical Assorted Gadgets

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OK... So basically, I'm working on a bunch of gadgets for various works of fiction. My current one is a hugely-modified Doctor Who fanfiction, that involved a time-traveller known as the Librarian.

Essentially I just want some feedback and perhaps technical assistance for the gadget I'm obsessed with at the moment-the Librarian's plasma pistol. During the course of the story, it becomes necessary that he arm himself. He needs a weapon that packs a decent punch, though it must also be extremely durable and resilient (able to survive in hostile environments and be fired virtually continuously for weeks and weeks without running out of power or breaking).

It must be something that, as stated previously, won't run out of ammo or break down easily. It must be easily concealable. And if for whatever reason it falls into the hands of others, it doesn't necessarily have to appear to be a local weapon, but it mustn't betray the fact that the Librarian has access to supreme technology (perpetual energy, time-travel, dimensionally-transcendent architecture, immortality etc).

I eventually came up with an idea that he would use a plasma pistol, that would be a vastly-upgraded version of a weapon that he acquired in a previous adventure (a plasma pistol powered by an ion energy cell and a hydrogen-fluoride canister). It would be powered by a cellular cold fusion cell (provides pretty much unlimited power and can be recharged by a simple electrical current, doesn't need to be 'refilled').

So, basically inside the 'barrel/firing chamber', it passes a massive electrical current through the air between two conductive rods, producing a quantity of plasma. That plasma is siphoned off via electromagnetic coils and formed into an oscillating toroid (I've read elsewhere that this would produce a magnetic field that would aid in containment). This toroid of plasma is then accelerated down the barrel by a series of timed electromagnets, and impacts the target, inflicting thermal and kinetic damage.

Trouble is, I'm not sure if the above method will work. JUST in relation to the way it 'fires' and forms the bolt of plasma that is the actual projectile, could people give feedback? Even if you just say, sounds all good, that would be great.