Season 2 I am freaking out


May 5, 2003
Ok - I am freaking out because I don't know what to think. I have read a lot of posts and these are my thoughts and theories.... I agree that David Carrosine (sp?) is rambaldi - we need to learn more about the clock chime at midnight to understand why that moment when sloane read the rambaldi artifact it was a catastrophic event.... is it really a catastrophic event that will take more than two years to come to fruition??? I don't think so.
I believe that evilfranzie did not die - she got shot in her arm and then three bullets in her chest which did not bleed but looked black - is it bad photography or a bulletproof vest???
I at first thought maybe syd waking up in hong kong was a preminition - but after reading some postings I like the idea of a time machine... Syd is taken and used to finish the time machine (which must have somehting to do with the scar on her stomach - a missing kidney perhaps) and then uses it with her memory of all of that selectively being erased. The third season will be her trying to discover all of that in the future and then eventually going back to that night and really killing evil franzie and overtaking sloane. I too have to reread the prophecy because - it makes it sound like syd will do evil.... and I do not believe that irina's intentions are pure - like right she has spent the last thirty years trying to do GOOD!!
I think we will have some rollercoaster ride ahead of us - but in the end - syd and vaughn will and jack will all live happily ever after....


Dec 14, 2002
that sounds cool.i personnaly think that they wouldn't make her wake up from a coma or something after 2 years because it seems to simple.i think that it definately all has something to do with rambaldi.
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