i am thinking...

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wow. 10,000 is A LOT of words.. then again the story i'm writing is really long.. probably that long or even possibly longer
yeah i was thinking about my treasure island project last night and i'm like PIRATE SQUIRREL and i had this whole cool idea to go along with alias but my teacher is kinda really old and i don't think she would get it.
Victoria King said:
LOL!!!! she would probalby send you to the guidance counselor recommding you get immediate help!LOL
Not like the guidance counseler could do anything, once your obsessed, your obesessed. Mine was like, oh, so it's Alias is it? Ok then, well, you're just making it known, and there's nothing wrong with that!
aye sounds like something a pirate would say. or maybe it's argh? please please admins let her post a story.
lol, pirates! they do say that on the ships, though. in fifth grade, they took us on a ship for a day. i don't remember it that well, though. i wasn't very excited about it.
me wanna here it. i also have a really long story. does anyone want to here it? its a lil to long though...its 50 pages and 21,588 words. hehe
ok. well, i'm going to post it whether admin approves or not today! they can inform me if i can't. i'll go get the first chapter (it's over 2500 words).
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