I Curse Thee


I'll admit, it's catchy. Only problem: I can't get something stuck in my head if I don't understand it! Mwahaha! 'Least, it's never happened yep. Tunes, sometimes, but not if they're as tied to the song as that one was.


Bah, old news. That's been in my head for at least the last year.

Actually it never manages to stick very long. I've been directed to it repeatedly and never had any problems.


it's old but it isnt old. i LOVE it, i can listen to it for hours.

if you go to youtube you can watch the folks who perform it on a Finnish talk show. thats the language btw. name of the song is Leva's Polka and the band is Loituma. if you watch them perform it you really appreciate their talent as vocalists.

Perhaps you should have your lads blast this from their Hum-V's whilst on patrol. It might it render the insurgents disfunctional and insane.