I don't get it?

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:o My kids are iinto anime. I don't get it. It looks like lazy cartoonists to me. What I have seen is mostly pretty choppy.
I'm not putting it down but I just...don't...get it.



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What types of Anime have you been exposed to so far? A lot of the so-called "Anime" on TV right now like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon I don't even consider Anime but rather cartoons. Even a lot of stuff that the Cartoon Channel shows in their Anime blocks tend to be more cartoonish than what I like.

Have you ever checked out some of the old-school movies like Akira?


An Old Friend
MTV Late Night Anime

I saw a few parts of a couple episodes on MTV latenight a few years ago.
One was about a girl that fights
One was about some kind of robot thing
I want to say 'dark' something.
Perhaps you could pop some links in that I could check out?:eek: