I have been claiming this for years...


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... , but nobody ever believed me. Now there is proof! :eek:

Heavy Mental Effort Leads To Much Bigger Meals
As the obesity epidemic rages in developed economies, explanations have mostly focused on dietary changes and the sedentary lifestyle that time spent on a computer tends to promote. But a preliminary study from a group of researchers in Quebec suggest that working on a computer may have an additional impact on our waistlines: taxing mental effort appears to cause people to eat significantly more food, even though it doesn't burn many more calories than sitting around and relaxing. ...
Based upon my physique alone, people should think I'm a genius! :ROFLMAO:

I always thought the downfall of office work was sitting on your rear end all day with a packet of chocolate biscuits in the drawer.

Shift to sunflower seeds! :smiley: