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Hello Everyone,

If you're looking for some great "Late Night Reading" or something to occupy your time while taking your "Daily Constitional", I have three books that I published through CreateSpace.com that are now available through the CreateSpace eStore and Amazon.com that I guarantee will raise more questions than answers. They are somewhat controversial, and that's an understatement, to say the least. One of them might grab your attention for awhile.

I'll just say Thank You ahead of time for at least checking out the Sales Pages, and for your purchase if you happen to buy any of them.

Bob Teske


Project Summary
The Grand Deception: They're Already Here, Have Been For A Long Time, And They're Still Coming...
Authored by Mr. Robert K. Teske Jr.

List Price: $39.95
8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Black & White on White paper
582 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1475121285 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1475121288
BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / UFOs & Extraterrestrials
Not since the 1960's, 70's, and 80's has there been a work of this scope laying out the threats and reality fhat humanity faces in this present time in history!

The Myths, Urban Legends, Conspiracy Theories, Ufology, History, and Truth Behind the creation of the Epic 7-Part Sci-Fi /Action-Adventure Feature Screenplay Series "THE BLACK RIDERS."

Within these pages are but a few of the myths, urban legends, conspiracy theories, pages from modern ufology, and history that tell us that we are indeed a species with amnesia, and that our governments continue to lie and cover-up the truth that we have been sold-out.

11 Chapters - 582 Pages

* Author's Foreword
* Chapter 1: The Grand Cosmic Deception
* Chapter 2: The Cult of the Serpent
* Chapter 3: And There Was War In Heaven
* Chapter 4: A Covenant With Death
* Chapter 5: Crash Go the Chariots
* Chapter 6: Caverns, Dungeons and Labyrinths
* Chapter 7: The Underground Empire
* Chapter 8: Invasion of the Mind Wreckers
* Chapter 9: Out of the Dragons Lair
* Chapter 10: Casualties Of A Cosmic War
* Chapter 11: Battles Beneath The Earth
* Author's Afterword

JOIN US..."It’s time to ride...."
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Project Summary
The Dulce Protocol
Authored by Mr. Robert K. Teske Jr.

List Price: $39.95
8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Black & White on White paper
582 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1475278552 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1475278551
BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / UFOs & Extraterrestrials
This is the "Grandfather" of all conspiracy theories in regards to Ufology, ET, and everything "Alien". The famed "Roswell Crash of 1947" is just the "tip of the iceberg".

The Prophesies of Revelation, Daniel, and Ezekiel are playing out before our eyes today, before the eyes of THIS generation TODAY!

In view of the current environmental, social, political, and economical atmosphere that permeates every culture of this world, you must be able to see the BIGGER picture; the entire spectrum, if you will, not just one color.

And that spectrum goes far beyond what anyone could have ever perceived possible. It goes beyond science fiction. Hollywood couldn’t even have conceived the reality of Hell ON, BENEATH, or ABOVE Earth. But rest assured, they will damned sure try to convince you otherwise.

With that said, don’t even try to imagine what is between the covers of this manuscript. You have to read it for yourself. There will be many who will discard any and all notion that any of this could remotely be true.

Are the words between these cover true? I don’t know. I pray to God that they’re NOT. But I will tell you this much, I have definitely gone through an Attitude Adjustment, and I have seriously begun to question my concepts of reality.

We are living in very dangerous and very treacherous times. So read on and see if any of this makes as much sense to you as it does to me. Open your hearts, open your minds, and question EVERYTHING! – Bob Teske – April, 2012

32 Chapters


Chapter 1 The Octopus, Black Projects and the Dulce Facility
Chapter 2 High Strangeness on the Archuleta Plateau
Chapter 3 Dulce New Mexico and a Cosmic Conspiracy
Chapter 4 Dulce New Mexico & The Nazi Connection
Chapter 5 Report From A Japanese Television Crew
Chapter 6 'Cosmic Top Secret' And The Dulce Base
Chapter 7 A Dulce Vanguard At Deep Springs?
Chapter 8 An Alien Fifth Column On Earth?
Chapter 9 Technological Terrorism & The Dulce Base
Chapter 10 The Deep Dark Secret at Dulce
Chapter 11 A Dulce Base Security Officer Speaks Out
Chapter 12 Operation Retaliation - Paul Bennewitz: One Man Against An Empire


Chapter 13 Dulce New Mexico & The Draconian Connection
Chapter 14 Raging Battles Beneath The Earth: The Dulce Wars
Chapter 15 Dulce: An Ancient Terminal To Inner & Outer Space
Chapter 16 Dulce New Mexico & The Ashtar Connection
Chapter 17 The Black Budget And The Underground Empire
Chapter 18 Dulce & the Military-Industrial Establishment
Chapter 19 Who Controls The Draconian Collective
Chapter 20 Special Forces: Defenders Of Planet Earth?
Chapter 21 Probing DeeperInto The Dulce Enigma
Chapter 22 Mystery-Maverick Jim McCambell Takes On the Dulce-Bennewitz Enigma
Chapter 23 Inside Intelligence On The Dulce Base
Chapter 24 The Dulce Network - North Sector
Chapter 25 Danger Down Under - The Christa Tilton Story
Chapter 26 The Dulce Caverns and Pueblo Mythology
Chapter 27 Dulce and the Secret Files of a U.S. Intelligence Worker
Chapter 28 "The Organization": Inside The Collaboration
Chapter 29 "They Live": Chameleons In Our Midst!?
Chapter 30 Confessions of an FBI "X-File" Agent
Chapter 31 (OMITTED)
Chapter 32 (OMITTED)
Chapter 33 Phil Schneider VS. The New World Order
Chapter 34 A Closing Message To The People Of Earth -- From An Agent Of The Federation

Martyrs Of The Underground Resistance

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Project Summary
The Omega Files: The Military-Industrial/Nazi/Alien Connection And The Infiltration of America by the Fourth Reich
Authored by Mr. Robert K. Teske Jr.

List Price: $39.95
8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Black & White on White paper
292 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1477451007 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1477451005
BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / UFOs & Extraterrestrials

If, as the late J. Allen Hynek claimed, over 1 in 40 people have been abducted and 'processed' by the 'alien/secret government' agenda -- or 1 in 10 according to more recent sources -- then you are bound to know SOMEONE who is an abductee and KNOWS it. This information is for THEM.

For those who are not "UFO Abductees", the information in this file is nevertheless vital and applicable, and may one day save your life!!! If you believe that information about "Aliens" is only for those who have lost all touch with reality, then PLEASE accept that information in this document that you CAN accept, and pass over the rest, at least for now. Your future may depend on it. As I have said, this information may save your life.

This file contains the most intricate and intimate details of a global conspiracy which seems to be rooted in an alien - military - industrial collaboration which is intent on bringing all freedom-loving peoples of this world under its control, through the implementation of a global government which has commonly been referred to as the 'New World Order'.

We have pulled no punches and are laying everything out on the table in regards to the New World Order agenda as I and those who have contributed to this document perceive it. If you are one who is easily offended, then be warned. Most of you who read this will realize that you may have personally supported in one form or another -- albeit unknowingly -- certain religious, economic, or political organizations which are on various levels being controlled by those forces that are working towards the implementation of the New World Order.

Those who have contributed to this file have not compromised nor held back on what they perceive to be the truth in regards to this conspiracy. We make no apologies, since we feel that this agenda has already been responsible for damaging this American Republic in ways that most cannot even begin to comprehend, and will continue to be a threat to its very existence and prosperity until this 'enemy' is forever purged from our nation and those traitors responsible for violating our national security and 'selling out' this Constitutional Republic of the United States of America are brought to justice.

Consider this a declaration of WAR against those eco-political forces and their draconian backers who would destroy our prosperity and freedom for their own fleeting material gain. So with no further introduction, we repeat the words of Louisiana District Attorney and JFK assassination investigator James Garrison, who boldly stated before leaving this world...

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