i have some good books to recommend.


these aren't all new books but they are all good books and i'd like to recommend them to anyone who hasnt read 'em

Eon and Eternity by Greg Bear: Apart from a short story in sokme old collection ive got, this is the only greg bear ive read. im reading eon right now and haven't got to eternity yet, but their sequels so i mentioned it. if you liked renzdevous with rama or ringworld, check out these books
mappa mundi by justina robson: just started this one. ill let you know how it shape up

I'll recommend some I either have, or I'm in the process of reading...

John Ringo's series about the "Posleen Wars"

He co-authors with many different others, and if you like military Sci-Fi (Haldeman/Weber/Drake) stuff....I suggest these.

Don't make the mistake of not reading in order, or you best have a friend who did to help you through the confusion.

1. A Hymn Before Battle

2. Gust Front

3. Hell's Fare (dry but somewhat necessary to the big picture)

4. Cally's War

5. Watch On The Rhine

my order was 2-3-1-4-5

Enjoy !