TV i need someone to tell me the name of the show


i dont remember much of the show... i think it is from 10 or 12 years ago..
aliens have landed somewhere in america and if im not mistaken one of them is in some kind of wheel chair.. he was bold..
the only other thing i remember is an episode that scared the hell out of me in which there was a prisioner who killed himself after drawing with blood on the walls some kind of monsters.. and the bald alien told everyone it was the tale of two brothers, Shkarifa and omoruthmaa.. these words have been in my head for ages! and i just cant get to remember what was the name of the show !! i hoope someone of you knows it!
humanoid.. if i recall right the opening theme was some kind of narrative saying that "they have landed amongst us few years ago and they have decided to stay"
the main guy, the main alien "ambassador" was bald.. with blue or purple outfit..
Any chance you're thinking of Earth: Final Conflict?

Earth: Final Conflict (TV Series 1997–2002) - IMDb