I think I love you, Jack


Oct 28, 2007
Iceland, kopavogur
I think I love you, Jack

ALL CHARACTERS except those I develop, belong toe JJ Abrams and ABC TV.
RATING: NC-17 for some violence, sex, and minimal language.
SUMMARY: He was a man of the lower class, she was the daughter of one of the richest men in the country. Jack and Irina Fiction ;D This story happens in 1880-and forward

Ever since he was 8 he had helped provide for his family, and now 12 years later he was still doing the same. In the eyes of society Jack Bristow was nothing more than a brilliant hard worker trying to get better job and a better life. Being the youngest of 5 children, his father had wanted him to go and seek a better life outside the small village. But when Jack was eight the money was so little he couldn´t afford not to have Jack work. But Jacks father, William Bristow had always seen to the fact that Jack was to go to school, along side with working. Now Jack was 20 years old and had already received a scholarship to one of the most prestigious schools in all of England. But that was next fall, and he was able to help his family the whole summer before that, he thought.

Jack Bristow was a tall man, fit and had brown and curly hair. He was considered extremely handsome, and was the main catch in the small village. Most of the time he had kept to himself though, and had only had one girlfriend. That was when he was 14.

Since she was very young her whole world had been about her getting the right man. Personally she thought it was completely her fathers fault, but her mother had insisted she was to go to school. Irene (irina) Derevko was the daughter of Alexander Derevko, a Russian businessman, who had moved to England before she was born. She was the first one in the family to be born and raised in England. Irina´s sisters, Katya and Elena were born in Russia. Both sisters had dark brown hair, almost black. They enjoyed the life of the upper class. Irina did not. All she wanted was to go out and find someone to love and want to share her life with, and she highly doubted that she would find that in the upper society.

Irina Derevko was the most beautiful of the three sisters. She had light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Her slim figure was muscled, for she had done ballet like every young lady was to do. She was frequently sought out on balls, but noone was good enough for her.

This summer her family was going to stay at one of their summer houses/castles and Irina at the age of 19, intended to go to at least one country ball, even if she had to sneak out.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the 24th of May, the whole Derevko family started their journey to the summer villa. Irina was reading a book, and was completely lost in it. The book was about a rich man who fell in love with a poor girl. And when his family banned him from marrying her, he ran off with her.

" Oh sis, aren"t you ever going to stop dreaming" Katya said as she grabbed the book straight out of Irina´s hands. " Ah katya, we both know none of this will come true, so give her her book back" Elena said as she saw Irina give Katya a deathly look.

" she has to realize that men are pigs, and are only good for 2 things" Katya stated." Money and sex" " Oh come on you girls" came from the front seat, as the three sisters started to fight heavily.

------ 8 hours and o lot of fighting later-------

They were now driving through the small village, and Katya was complaining constlantly about being hungry. Their father stopped the car and let the girls stretch their legs, and gave Irina money so she could buy something for the family to eat on the way.

Irina walked for about 5 minutes, and finally found an open market. She walked straight up to one of the stands that sold fruit. The apples looked great, and she picked three of them. When she turned around she saw a young man around her age walking towards the stand. He was very good looking, and was wearing a white shirt, and an open west and then black trousers. He had brown curled hair( not too much though) and was holding an open letter.

Jack had just received a letter from the school, it was about his apartment. The letter said the street name and number of the house. It sounded nice to him. He decided to celibrate with his family, now that the school was formally set up. So he went to the square and was about to buy some fruit when he saw her. She was looking at him, but the moment he looked back she had looked away. Jack´s breath got cought in his throat, she was beautiful. Her dark hair was tied in a knot, and she was wearing a very delicate dress. No wait hold that thought,, she was wearing a very expensive dress. At that moment Jack almost gave up all hope.

He walked towards the stand, and started to look for something to buy. He saw the apples and decided to buy some of them, he picked out 10 and asked for a bag.

"The apples look especially good" He said to the young woman, for she had just brought some. But the moment the words slipped from his mouth he regretted it ,, just the most stupid pick-up line ever.
"yes, they look delicious" Irina said, blushing slightly. " so i´ve never seen you around here before, are you new?" Jack asked, gaining a little hope of getting to know her.
"erm,, actually me and my family are just staying here for the summer, in the old Carlton hall. That would be our summerhouse"
"Ah all right" Jack said, he couldn´t hide the disappointment in his voice. She was upper class, like higest class. He didn´t have a chance. Or so he thought.

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Oct 28, 2007
Iceland, kopavogur
Part 2 :rolleyes:

“Well it was nice to meet you miss..erm miss?”

“ Irina Derevko” she smiled to him, it was a true smile. He felt like he was melting under her gaze, it wasn´t something Jack Bristow could handle well.

“well i´m Jack Bristow, and I hope that I will see you here while your stay in the villa.” He flashed her one of his gorgeous smiles, and started to walk away.

Wow Irina thought, he was so charming. Irina smiled to herself until a young blondine cought up with Jack, who was on his way to the bread stand.

“JAACK!” Carla shouted as she practicly ran towards Jack.

“oh erm hi Carla” Jack said, only hoping she would go away as soon as possible.

“I was just walking through town and I saw you and thought I’d say hi” Carla said.

“ really were you Carla? That’s very interesting but I have to go” Jack said taking back his arm from hers.

“Oh all right, but you are coming to the dance tonight, aren’t you Jack?” Carla said, her eyes were glistening.

“ Oh well I haven’t thought about it that much”

“Oh Jaack but you have to come” Carla said with a kiss-ass smile.

“yeah I guess I will be there, but now I have to go. Bye” Jack hurried away.

On his way home, jack thought about Carla or Caroline. She was pretty, everyone knew that but she wasn’t his taste. She was the daughter of the butcher, whom Jack had worked for the summer before. She was slimy he thought, stupid also. Not at all like Irina Derevko, she was a real woman. Smart, beautiful and charming as hell.


When Irina came back everyone were sitting in the car waiting. Katya had the most displeased look on her face. Elena was looking at the town with distaste, and their parents were arguing wether or not to stay the whole summer.

“Where were you!” Katya asked.

“well buying something for you to eat” Irina said, and then added, only to get the attention from everyone “ and talking to a local man”

“ you were WHAT!?” Her father was not happy.

“ I was buying the apples and we started talking”

“you do know our position, and no man in this village is suitable for you” her mother explained.

“well it doesn’t matter, he was with another girl anyway” the disappointment was dripping of her voice.

“Okaaay,weee aall get it, can we please be on our way now?” Elena was getting impatient.

--------half an hour later--------

They arrived at the summer house, and it truly was beautiful.

Irina loved it, but her sisters didn’t agree. They wanted to be in town and go to the balls that were being held there.

That night, Irina heard her door open, it was Elena.

“Hey sis, are you awake?”

“Yeah, why?” Irina was sitting up now. “ can we talk?”

Irina nodded. Elena sat down with her on the bed. “hey Irina, I saw you with that man today” Elena Stated.

“ oh you did” irina wasn’t feeling comfortable anymore. “ Yeah, I also notices your face lighting up, and you blushing” her sister stated. “He was cute that´s all

“yeah right, like your not being close to cute guys”

“ I don’t know why, I just liked him and he was charming” She didn’t know why she was telling her sister this.

“ well…you maybe you cant marry him, but you can have a fling” Elena said, winking.

“ maybe you didn’t hear me “ Irina said a little frustrated “but he was with another girl”

Elena made her way to the door “ well snatch him then “ and then she was gone.

10 minutes later Katya was in her room telling her to get dressed. She said that if she couldn’t go to a sophisticated ball, she would still go to a ball.

Irina dressed in blue dress. Katya did her corset and then her makeup.

They Were in town 40 minutes later.


Same time, in the townþ

Jack made his way through the crowd, he was going to meet his brother there. Al of a sudden Carla and some of her friends bumped into him.

“ Ohhhh hii Jack” “hi Carla” Jack said dryly. The only reason he had come tonight was in the hope of seeing Irina.

“ oh my.. I didn’t think I would see you here” “ well i´m here”

“oh you aren’t gonna ask me to dance?” Carla asked disappointed and faked pouting

“ well all right, Carla would you dance this dance with me?” Jack asked already knowing the answer, he pulled her towards the dance floor.

As Jack put his arm on her hip, he heard her friends giggling…after rolling his eyes he turned to Carla and started dancing with her. After a few dances he saw HER. He stopped suddenly causing Carla to loose her balance and almost fall.

Jack excused himself, leaving Carla on the middle of the dancefloor causing her friends to gasp. And walked straight to Irina.

“ Miss Derevko, may I have this dance?” Jack asked smiling and blushing slightly.
“Yes of course” Irina answered blushing extremely. Katya shot her a wow-who-is-that look.

As they stepped out on the dancefloor a loud cry was heard. As they turned to look they saw Carla clenching her fists and not looking so pretty anymore.

And then to the dance, the band started a normal-speed song and Jack felt as if he was being watched by everyone. He was the luckiest man alive he thought.

Irina fellt as she was about to melt, Jack was the best dancer she had ever danced to, and she had danced a lot. They fit perfectly and when the band started playing a slow song, she felt herself being pulled even closer to him. He was so warm and inviting, she couldn’t help putting her head on his shoulder.

Jack felt her head resting on his shoulder and felt like he was bursting of happiness. He smiled, and when the song ended He pulled her off the dancefloor.

They snuck away from the crowd, and irina could see Katya dancing with one of the locals.
“would you like to go for a walk?” He asked “ I would love to”

As they walked, neither spoke. Until Jack finally offered her his jacket. She could smell the after shave he wore. She loved it.

He seemed completely lost in his thoughts, and was adorable that way. Abruptly he stopped, looked at her and leaned in. He didn’t kiss her but his mouth was only a millimeter away from hers. She felt intoxicated, and closed the distance between them.

The kiss started out slowly, but progressed into a passionate one. His right hand was holding the back of her head pressing her even more into him. Her hands were wandering all over him, since she was wearing his jacket he only had his shirt on. She could feel his strong solid chest through the thin material. His upper body was very firm, after hard work from the age of eight, who could expect anything else. His left hand went to her breasts. And started fondling the right one.

She broke the kiss, and the sudden lack of wamth surprised him.

“Oh god, I am so sorry” he started apologizing. “don’t apologize, it was my fault” she said smiling.

He looked at her, puzzled. She wanted him? He wasn’t good enough.
She pulles at his shirt and whispered to him “ jack where do you live?” “Irina we can´t go to my place, I live with my family still” he said blushing.

“But I do know a place” he said. “Take me there” she whispered, her voice was raw.

They walked for 10 minutes and then got to an old and deserted house. He opened the door and took her to the “bedroom”. This had bin his hideout for so many years, he had made somewhat of a bed.

Kissing they walked into the bedroom. In her own excitement, she ripped open his shirt. He started to try and open her dress, but that wasn´t going all too well. So he turned her around and kissed the back of her neck, while he opened the dress. She let it fall down, and he put one arm around her stomach, and the other started to fondle with her breast. She moaned as he pinched her nipple. She then turned around in his arms and looked at him.

She could see his excitement, straining against his trousers. She pushed down his shirt and her hands started to wander lower and lower. She kissed his chest, and then his mouth again. Her hand started to fondle with him trough the material she took hold of him and he moaned. Then she opened his buckle and pushed down his pants.

All she could think was how big Jack was. And her eyes opened in surprise. He laughed a little, “ are you alright?” “yes, yes I just haven’t seen anyone so…so big”
He just laughed even more and then started to kiss her again, before laying her down on the bed.

“are you sure you want to do this?” he asked, he was truly conserned, he didn’t want her to regret this. “ I have never been so sure my whole life” she stated smiling.

He was on top of her, and started to kiss his way down her body. Stopping at her nipples, she moaned loudly. Lower and lower he went until he reached his final destination. As his mouth started to please her, she couldn’t help herself. Her hands were in his hair and she was moaning. She was about to go off, when he stopped. She gasped for air as he moved back up. He started kissing her and she grabbed his shaft, making him moan into her mouth. She guided him inside her, and he moaned at her tightness. As he thrust into her, he heard her cry out in pain. He looked at her, she had a painful look on her face, but desire was blackening her eyes.

“Oh my god, Irina” he breathed. “ Oh god i am so sorry, I didn’t know” he started kissing her face, trying to soothe the pain and fix it all. She put both her hands on his face and kissed him on the mouth.

“ it’s okay sweetheart” she whispered, a tiny tear trinkled down her face. He kissed it away.
“ now please make love to me, if not you than no one will”

He started to move inside her, she was still in a little pain but her desire was overwhelming.

He started to thrust deeper and deeper, until he felt himself reaching his peak. He wanted her to come with him so he started stroking her. She moaned and bucked under him when the wave hit her. He came only a second after her, his juices filling her.

He pulled out and gathered her in his arms. She is perfect, he thought. Never had she ever felt so safe.

“ why didn’t you tell me this was your first time?” he said in a soft voice.

“I didn’t want it to spoil things” he only smiled. He was in love with her, and needed to know if she loved him.

“Irina?” “mhhhm”
“Irina do you love me?”he asked holding her tight. “ Irina?...Irina?”

She was already asleep, he went after her only seconds later.

She woke up the next morning and felt an arm lying across her hip. First she was shocked and didn’t dare move, but when last night came back she smiled. She turned in Jack’s arms, he was so peaceful.

Suddenly she realized what she was doing.

She was in bed with a man who she had only met a day ago. And she hadn’t returned home from the ball. Katya must be worried sick.

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I love this! J/I are my favs. Yes, please do keep posting (and if you make a PM list please add me to it).
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OMG I love J/I stories that are set in the past. I've read two of these kind..one was set during the civil war and one was set in the past times of England. I adored them so I am really excited about your story. They ended up in each other's arms right after they meet...awesome. You must go on..update soon and add me to your pm list for this story.


Oct 28, 2007
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Thanks for the comments :LOL: And i will continue very soon, but my exams are like at high peak right now so there might be a litle delay, but thanks for commenting.

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Oct 28, 2007
Iceland, kopavogur
Part 3

As she started moving away from him, his arm gripped her tight and Irina froze. She realized that he was waking up, and didn’t dare breath. For a moment she thought he might have fallen back to sleep, but then she heard him sit up.

Her back was facing him, and suddenly she felt a hand moving from her shoulder and down her back. Irina couldn’t help but to smile.

“ Hey, are you allright?” Jack asked with a soothing voice.

“yeah I’m fine Jack, I just… I must get home now” He started to kiss her shoulder, and she shivered at his touch. His hand wandered to her breast and her breath got caught in her throat.

She rose suddenly, leaving him completely stunned. ´what had he done wrong?´ he thought. Had he hurt her?

“My family must be getting worried, so I must get going”
“ can’t you stay a little longer my dear Irina” Jack said teasingly as he stood up and took her hand in his. But she moved away from him “ No Jack I can’t, if my family finds out what happened there is no way I will ever see you again”

With that she started to dress. He stood there watching her as she struggled with her dress.

“do you require any help my dear?” he asked seductively.

“No I don’t need any help” she said, only trying to keep a straight face as the corset wasn’t tying up very well. “ Or well maybe I do” she said, finally giving up and looking him straight in the eye.

He came up to her and started tying the corset. Only when she was fully dressed either spoke again. He looked so happy, she couldn’t help thinking about the fact that she was probably going to break this wonderful mans heart. Now on the other hand, she had to go.

“ Now I’m leaving and we will probably see each other again” She said, thinking that since they couldn’t be together it was for the best to end this as soon as possible.

“ Probably?” he looked completely bewildered. “ what do you mean by probably? “ he didn’t sound angry at all, but he was confused.

“ Jack..we both know that this realationship will not be accepted within my society and…” before she could continue he interrupted. And now he sounded angry.

“ within YOUR society? So what am I then? Was I just a toy that the spoiled brat wanted to play with? Maybe toy with it’s feelings a little bit and then dump it?” His voice was filled with hurt when he spoke the last question.

“ Yeah and I would give my first time to just a toy, jack?” She was getting frustrated too. “ don’t act like an idiot, we both know that it’s not like that”

“ Oh really, so what is it like? Hmm? Tell me please” Jack wasn’t thinking reasonably. Why couldn’t he understand that this was just as hard, if not harder for her to do?.

“ Jack I can’t stay here. I have to go now” She turned to leave.

“ all right just walk away huh?” Hurt was dripping of his voice.

As she walked out of the little house, her tears started to flow. She didn’t try and stop them, there was no use in trying to anyway.

She walked for about an hour, when she finally saw the house. It looked beautiful in the light, but her mind was on other things right now. Oh god, what have I done. Her heart was aching and she wanted him there by her side, holding her as he had done the night before. No one had ever made her feel that way before.

No, I can’t think like that. We can’t be together so I have to straighten up. My family cannot see me like this. She wiped her eyes and walked into the big house, going straight up to her room.

20 minutes later, she came down only to meet her mothers worried eyes and her fathers angry ones.

“ Where have you been?” Her father asked angrily.

“ well I… um I just… I went for a walk, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep any longer. So I went for a walk and got lost in the woods”

“ you got lost in the woods?” he wasn’t buying the story very well, so now she had to really sell it to him.

“yes, stupid really, for the fact was that the night was rather dark and then I could not see the way back home. So I wandered in the woods for a long time until it was getting bright again, and then finally I found the way home.” She tried to sound as believable as she could.

“ well, I hope that you understand that me and your mother were very scared for your sake. And I only hope that you will not go on and do this kind of nonsense again. Nor will I tolerate that that sort of stupidity to be repeated.” Her father just HAD to show off a bit, and show her his position within the household she thought.

“ not at all papa” she flashed him a smile that said it-wont-happen-again. And then she was walking up to her room.

“ oh and one more thing darling” she stopped in the stairs” We are invited to a dinner party at the Pecker household. Only to celebrate our staying here”

“ All right papa, I will be ready on time, when is it?” “ well dinner starts at 7 so i'll send your assistant upp to your room around 5:30, all right.” She nodded. “ Now,, I don’t want to be late, mr.Pecker is the mayor and I would like to gain respect in this town”

She only nodded again, and then was on her way up to her room. When she got there, she threw herself on the bed and tears started to flow for the second time of the day.


Jack was left in the deserted house, naked of both his clothes and pride. Why had she left him? He couldn’t help but think about it. Obviously she had enjoyed the night they had spent together. He fully understood her worries of her family, but why had she LEFT. She was gone and he probably wouldn’t see her ever again, that kind of leaving weighed heavily on his heart.

Jack started dressing and as he was doing so, he noticed a beautiful ring laying on the floor. He picked it up and started analyzing it. It didn’t look like a wedding or engagement ring. But it was beautiful, and it fitted Irina no wait, miss Derevko perfectly.

Jack Bristow left the house, his heart filled with sorrow and his pride in shatters.

As Jack was walking through town, he bumped into some friends and then Carla. All of them wanted to know who that girl he had met last night was. Especially Carla, she seemed to be doing all right though. He dismissed everyone telling them that he only knew her last name. Derevko.

On his way he also met Mrs. Pecker.
She was a middle age lady, very nice and had gotten him a job when he was 15 to the age of 17. He had worked with the Pecker’s stable main-trainer. It seemed Jack had a thing with horses, and he had showed their price-winners on shows and other competition fields.

“ Well Jack, I heard that recently you received a scholarship hmm? “

“ why yes mrs. Pecker I did, infact I will be leaving at the end of the summer.”

“ well that is truly amazing, and I must insist that you come to our dinner party tonight”

“ uum. That would be lovely, but I sort of well…ditched my brother last night, I was supposed to meet him in town and well I didn’t. Would it be all right if he was to come too?”

“ Of course, mr. Bristow” she winked at him, with a mock snobby look on her face “ it would be lovely to have him there too”.

As they parted Jack couldn’t help but to think of Irina, would she be there tonight?

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Well I received an update and a hug, this must be my lucky day :D I bet when they see each other again at the party, they will find a way to sneak out a little bit for a make out session :LOL:
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